Yahoo Tracks Stimulus Searches

    January 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

Yahoo has provided a look at how Americans have been searching for economic data in recent times. One query they specifically look at is "Obama stimulus package," which has quadrupled the number of searches over the last week, when compared to the week before.

"The Obama stimulus plan has yet to reach Congress, but its search volume is already nearly half of the search volume for the Bush stimulus package when it was signed last February," says a post by Eugenia Chien and Andrea Sandke on the Yahoo Search Blog. "As legislation is finalized on Obama’s stimulus plan, we can expect search volume to grow and perhaps even surpass its predecessor."

search activity chart for economic stimulus plan

Other queries that have risen significantly compared to the previous week include:

– "stimulus checks" – up 80%
– "obama stimulus plan" – up 30%
– "second stimulus rebate checks" – up 75%

Spikes are also being seen in queries for things like savings bonds, treasury bills, FDIC insured savings, H and R Block, filing taxes online, and things of this nature. Another interesting thing that Yahoo shared is that searches for unemployment and how to invest more safely had already started to bubble way back in July.