Yahoo Tossing Out Two New Email Domains

    June 19, 2008

If you like Yahoo Mail, but hate the strange address you got stuck with, here’s a solution: sign up for something ending in "" or ""  Later today, Yahoo’s making these two email domains available.

There’s at least one unfortunate thing about the development: Ymail’s name invites the small play on words, "Why bother?"  Gmail already answered duplicate address problems to some degree, and few in-the-know people are interested in seeking shelter with Yahoo right now.

Around 260 million individuals gave Yahoo Mail a shot at one point or another, though, and email addresses at the new domains will offer all of the original’s features.

Also, Yahoo claimed in a statement, "Of online adults who indicated that they are not currently using their first choice e-mail address . . . about half (48 percent) would be at least somewhat likely to change addresses should their preferred choice become available."  So in addition to doing everyone a favor, corporate leaders may be trying to grab some market share.

Now there’s just the matter of actually signing up.  An official launch time hasn’t been announced, and Yahoo’s email registration page is still listing "" as the only option, so would-be Ymailers will need to grow friendly with their "refresh" buttons.