Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions

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Last week, Yahoo launched a new “Suggestions” feature that incorporates Digg-like community voting elements. Instead of news items, however, users sample the suggestions that have been submitted regarding Yahoo’s services and vote on which ones they would like to see implemented the most.

Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions
Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions

On the face of it, a community driven suggestion forum seems like a pretty good idea. Throw in some Digg-like voting features and a site like this could be a potential hit, right?


What I’ve failed to mention is that Yahoo seems to have difficulty accepting criticism of its own services.

In a post last week, David Dalka decided to bring up some issues with Yahoo Mail on the company’s suggestion website. The topic quickly began tallying supporting votes, until it mysteriously disappeared, that is.

Dalka talks about the course of events on his blog:

I made a post on Yahoo! Suggestions – “Yahoo! E-mail – please improve the spam filters – too much spam gets through” in the hopes that it would get voted on by other people caring about the issue and that Yahoo! would respond by putting resources on correcting the issue. At mid-afternoon, the entry had 9 votes.

Then I got the message below stating it was deleted. As I write this I’m absolutely stunned, how can Yahoo! state that the “Suggestion is not actionable by owners of this Suggestion Board, therefore we are removing it.” If this is going to be the normal procedure of Yahoo! Suggestions, I now have serious concerns about the success of the Yahoo! Suggestions initiative. Hopefully, they will review the procedures and improve this.

Perhaps this is just my own narrow perception, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of even having a suggestion forum if the posts that highlight real problems are just going to be removed?

It’s like buying a shiny new gun to take on the competition, and subsequently shooting yourself in the foot with it.

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Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions
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  • kesiben

    First, if you are going to report “news” a week later, at least have some more depth to it. Say, you could have mentioned that he posted his “suggestion” to my yahoo board, a different, unrelated product.

    Second, as a somewhat intelligent user I would be more offended if a generic (if not idiotic) suggestion like “omg!! improve your spam filter duds!!” got a “thanks, we will work on it” kind of response. Because, to me, that would mean that they are just trying to give the impression that they are listening as opposed to really trying to communicate with their users.

    This is as pointless as suggesting Google to improve their search results. All it will get is a “Duh”.

    Finally, if you guys think this site as a news site please act as one instead of relaying whatever is out there. Please don’t imitate what journalism currently is and try to embody what journalism was supposed to be instead.

  • thenickster

    Mind updating your story to reflect that David posted his Yahoo! Mail suggestion to the My Yahoo! suggestion board? The board owners can only moderate content that’s relevant to their product board. You’ll see from the other boards that the good, the bad and the ugly remain open for weighing in, unsilenced — so long as they are relevant to the product.

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