Yahoo Search Offers Gas Price Shortcut

    June 2, 2004

Searching for the cheapest gas when you need to fill up the tank just got a little easier thanks to Yahoo Search. Yahoo now features a search shortcut that will allow users to locate the lowest gas prices in their area. With today’s gas prices averaging around $2 a gallon, the need for such a option is clear.

In order to locate the cheapest prices for gas, users have to type in the shortcut format and then search it. The format for the gas price shortcut is “gas 32821” or “gas prices Orlando”. This tells Yahoo that you are looking for prices in the 32821 zip code of Orlando, Florida.

However, this shortcut does not return a SERP of local area gas prices. Instead, it prompts Yahoo to list two links, one to and the other to These sites actually conduct the search for the user when their respective links are clicked. and are not affiliated with any oil companies and according to, GasBuddy is a non-profit organization.

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