Yahoo Search Marketing Offers Service for Travel Vendors

    April 26, 2006

If you promote any kind of travel services online you’ll wan to pay attention. Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) has launched a new program called “Travel Submit”.

In order to participate you must have a valid travel offer to promote, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, accurately disclose all details of your offer (including times, dates, location, etc.) and have a Yahoo ID in order to manage your account.

So where will your ads be displayed? They’ll appear in Yahoo’s popular travel research and planning areas which include:

1) Yahoo Travel Deals

2) Yahoo Travel Guide

With the thousands of people who use Yahoo daily you can imagine the amount of possible viewers to your offer. And not just any browser but a “targeted audience” of people actively searching for travel related information. Targeted traffic makes for a much higher conversion.

Like other pay per click programs you don’t pay for impressions only for those who actually click through to your website.

Here’s how it works, first you’ll need to register and fund your account with a credit card. Then you’ll need to create a feed for your offer in each category you want to appear in, then submit them through their web based interface or via FTP.

Some fields are optional, while others are required, such as description, location, price. Descriptions need to be in English and pricing in U.S. dollars. You’ll want to fill in as many of the fields as you can in order to improve your position and visibility in Yahoo Travel. Listing order is determined by matching what the consumer ha typed into the search box with the specific features in your feed. This is why filling in as many of the feed fields as you can is imperative. It’s impossible to buy your way to a higher placement, it’s based on what’s relevant to the searchers search criteria.

Cost per click is based on what category your choose to place your offer in. The current rates at the time of this writing were as follows:

Air .32
Car Rental .42
Cruises .57
Destinations/Attractions/Activities .20
Destinations/Events .20
Rail, Ground Transport & Ferry .42
Vacation Packages .57
Vacation Rentals .57

Your offers can be quickly and easily updated at any time and you’ll have full access to “performance reports”. You can even set up email alerts to monitor your campaign’s progress.

If you’re in the travel industry in any shape or form, from a large conglomerate to a small one man operation, you’ll want to take advantage of this affordable marketing program.

For more information see: or call 866-250-7572

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