Yahoo Search Marketing Help Center Updated

By: Doug Caverly - January 26, 2009

While this development probably can’t be tied to Carol Bartz’s arrival, perhaps search marketers can at least take it as a good sign.  The new CEO has come in the door at roughly the same time that Yahoo presented its new Search Marketing Help Center.

The updated site‘s emphasis seems to be on ease of use.  Four section headings on the front page – "Advertise Online With Yahoo Search Marketing," "Managing Your Account," "Fine-tune Your Account," and "Learn Online" – provide some decent starting points for users.  Lists of subjects beneath them then give some better guides.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Next, Yahoo says it’s tinkered with the site’s search function.  Since any problems on this front would be a cause for extreme embarrassment, this upgrade – however small – is quite important.

Finally, as Jeff Hecox wrote on the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog, "We’ve made a huge effort to provide links to related information available within the Help Center, but also articles from this blog and content from the in-application help.  So, if you want to take a deeper dive into a topic, we’ll be able to provide a diving board."

Sounds reasonable, right?  And since Hecox welcomed suggestions, advertisers may be able to supply ’em in order to get something even more to their liking.

Doug Caverly

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  • FL Web Design

    Yahoo needs to do something to stay alive.

  • Guest

    Yahoo just doen’t get it, when it comes to search. You can’t de-list good companies that have been listed for years and replace with newbies that are irrelavant.

    Try again Y. Algo needs works.

    • wholesale bedroom furniture

      how search engines work when you have a completely incompetent (now EX-president) and someone who is the complete opposite. People don’t like Bush, people like Obama. That’s why there are lots of nice pages for Obama and nasty ones about Bush. This is no conspiracy and that whole nothing just seems completely absurd. Especially in regards to other online venues being deemed as too “leftist” like Wikipedia. That is just hugely ignorant.