Yahoo Real Estate, Partner

    July 6, 2007

Finding permanent housing is a tricky thing – one has to consider location, price, size, age, and about a million other factors; renters have it even tougher, in a sense, as they have to make those choices year after year.  Now Yahoo Real Estate has decided that is just the site to help these people out.

“ . . . has been selected as the featured apartment listing provider on Yahoo! Real Estate,” according to an official press release.  “Through this relationship, Yahoo! Real Estate users can search for apartments on the database of more than three million apartment listings, one of the largest national databases of rental units available online.”

That sounds just great, and a lot of typical press release-y quotes follow the announcement (“I love you, you love me . . .”).  Yet for some of the dirt behind this deal (far behind it, in terms of age), we’ll turn to Kate Kaye of ClickZ News.

“ has had an on-again off-again relationship with Yahoo,” she reports.  “In November 1998, the listings provider signed a deal with Yahoo that gave classifieds prominence in real estate search results.  The firms maintained the relationship through 2002,” but then – kaput, for reasons that remain unknown.

But whatever the problem was, it appears to have been resolved, and if you’re looking to rent an apartment, Yahoo Real Estate is now in a strengthened position to help you do so.