Yahoo Publisher Network Posts Tips

    June 25, 2008

It’s one thing to join an organization; it’s quite another to stick around.  And anybody wanting to become and remain a member of the Yahoo Publisher Network should probably pay attention to some guidelines posted on the program’s official blog.

You could, it’s true, learn the same stuff by reading lists of corporate-speak policies, terms, and conditions.  There’s little point in sifting through 5,000 words, though, when understanding five bullet points will do you about as much good.

Yahoo Publish

So here are the shortcuts to compliance.  Marc Gibson suggests, "Be sure that Yahoo! ads do not appear on the same page as contextual ads from other companies.  It’s okay to rotate these ads along with Yahoo! ads as long as they don’t appear at the same time."

His second point is simple: stick to pages in either English or Spanish.  Also, don’t squish more than three ad units on a page.

Gibson continues, "When choosing to target ads, make sure that these ads actually match the content of the page," and finally concludes, "To ensure a good user experience for our users, we require that the back button be functional, and that the page does not spawn any more than one partial pop-up/pop-under window."

Obeying these pointers should keep you on the Yahoo Publisher Network’s good side.  Only delve into the longer versions if you have serious questions or trouble sleeping.