Yahoo Picks Up AdInterax

    October 17, 2006

Yahoo no longer needs to worry about experiencing a shortage of “rich media advertising solutions” – the company just acquired AdInterax, which specializes in providing those to “online publishers.” Both parties were mum about the financial aspects of the deal.

The companies were also vague about what products or services might result. According to the press release, “Yahoo! plans to further integrate rich media capabilities into its current leading offerings by developing a self-service model for marketers based on the AdInterax platform.”

This model “will enable advertisers and agencies to create and run rich media campaigns coupled with other Yahoo! capabilities including behavioral targeting, geo-targeting, demo-targeting, and dayparting.” Those are some fairly interesting buzzwords; it’ll be interesting to see how they translate from the press release into the real world.

Peter Matsuo, the CEO of AdInterax, looks “forward to joining the Yahoo! family,” though. “We believe the addition of AdInterax’s tools and technology into Yahoo!’s services will create compelling offerings for marketers and publishers,” he said in the release.

Matsuo also left a more personal note on his company’s homepage. He was “pleased to let all of you know” about this “exciting milestone,” and added, “thanks to all of you for your support.”

Yahoo’s Greg Coleman, the executive vice president of global media sales, was upbeat about the acquisition, as well. In the press release, he stated (in standard press release-ese), “We look forward to working with our customers and AdInterax’s publisher partners to generate new and innovative solutions for marketers that help simplify the rich media creation and purchasing process.”


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