Yahoo: Pay No Attention To Site Explorer

    October 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Logged in to Site Explorer? Logged out? Those inlink counts looked different because they were, according to Yahoo Search.

Search Engine Roundtable saw something funny with the Yahoo Site Explorer counts. They varied greatly when viewed while logged in to the service as opposed to being logged out.

“57,146 inlinks and 216,880 inlinks is a huge difference in the amount of data one can get about a site,” Barry Schwartz wrote.

“Is it possible that Yahoo is pulling back on showing all linkage data for a site to anyone? Now you need to be the authenticated webmaster to see full data?”

Priyank Garg acknowledged the issue at the Yahoo Search blog today:

While the counts have been incorrect in some cases, the actual returned results have been correct. However, we did roll out a product fix yesterday and will be rolling out a couple more over the next few days to resolve this difference in counts some of you have observed.

Please disregard any counts for inlinks reported by Site Explorer from October 11 through next week.

It sounds like Site Explorer will be back to normal once everyone’s finished with Halloween.