Yahoo Partners With Delver On Search

    November 4, 2008

Social search engine Delver has partnered with Yahoo! Search to use its Yahoo! BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service).

Delver says its personalized search will now integrate traditional search results via BOSS along with results created and referenced by the searching user’s friends and friends-of-friends.

BOSS allows search sites to use Yahoo! search results in a customized way without any Yahoo! branding but still serves Yahoo! ads.

Yahoo Partners With Delver On Search

"Search is the holy grail of Internet usability, and we are proud to be leading the next generation of search technologies that revolve around indexing the social web," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver.

"Leveraging Yahoo! Search BOSS allows us to keep focusing on social-graph ranking and indexing, while providing our users with a solution that intelligently mixes social results with traditional web results."

Delver says it has indexed social graphs of nearly 250 million user profiles on popular social networks and Web sites, allowing users to find publicly displayed content on blogs, bookmarks, and photo and video sharing sites.