Yahoo Opens Traffic Quality Center

    August 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Click fraud and its related issues form the focal point for a newly-opened point of reference at Yahoo Search Marketing.

Yahoo touted its proprietary Click Protection System as the most stringent in the industry, in their humble opinion. If it is that, VP Reggie Davis and the development team have been really busy.

Some of their efforts receive a little publicity on the Traffic Quality Center, recently opened at Yahoo Search Marketing. The company provided some insights into the ways they protect advertising customers.

They also offered a peak at what is to come with their search marketing platform. On quality based pricing:

Later in 2007, we plan to apply quality-based pricing to a broader group of keywords.

There’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of quality-based pricing. Discounts are applied automatically based on Yahoo!’s Quality Based Pricing technology.

On domain blocking:

While quality-based pricing provides discounts based on traffic performance, you might identify certain domains that you don’t want to receive traffic from due to branding considerations or other reasons. To help meet this need, we plan to launch a product that will provide our advertisers with the controls and tools to block their ads from appearing on certain domains.

Advertisers who want to report possible click fraud but aren’t familiar with the procedure can view a walkthrough of the process on the Traffic Quality Center website. Yahoo said they will contact the submitter within 48 hours, and will try to resolve the issue within ten business days.