Yahoo No Longer Delicious For Schachter

Josh Schachter leaving Yahoo too

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The founder of bookmarking service Delicious, Joshua Schachter, plans to follow several other executives out the door at Yahoo.

When Yahoo was on a bit of a spending spree for social media-type startups, Delicious represented one of several companies on Yahoo’s shopping list. Delicious offers a social bookmarking service, where people can keep and share the links they find interesting.

The site’s continued development will happen without its founder, as Schachter intends to leave Yahoo. Several Yahoo executives left or plan on leaving Yahoo before their annual meeting takes place on August 1st.

TechCrunch learned from Schachter of his impending departure. “The development of the new version of delicious seems to have almost stalled within Yahoo, and Joshua cited recent frustrations with the process as playing a part in his resignation,” said TechCrunch.

Schachter has no current plans for other projects, unlike other high profile departures like Jeremy Zawodny and Vish Makhijani. Both men have new jobs awaiting them in their post-Yahoo lives.

Delicious continues on as well. The Delicious blog announced the release of its add-on for Internet Explorer. An add-on for Firefox has been available for quite a while, and this gives Delicious the potential to be a fixture on a lot more browsers than it is today.

Yahoo No Longer Delicious For Schachter
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  • http://www.yummyfood.net guido

    Maybe i’m retarded,  but i’ve never understood the potential of social web.
    Delicious is not different.  I have at last 50 bookmarks  of sites i visit frequently and the only benefit of delicius is when i’m using someone else PC.
    It doesn’t help me to rank better on SEs, it doesn’t bring traffic either and if I have to find something, instead of digging in my bookmarks on delicious I do a query on SEs. Easier and most of the time I get fresher results.
    From my site stats, less then 0,03%  of visitors have added one of my pages on delicious. That’s can also mean my site sux, but it’s a point.
    So i will not pull my hair if delicious will not be further developed and honestly it’s no wonder this guy doesnt know what to do next.

    A very social sceptic Guido.



  • http://www.simongriffiths.name Funkyg

    I am a big fan of delicious and its ability to tag links, which the browsers are only just catching up with. For me this makes it much easier to find things that I bookmark because I think I might have a use for them in the future.

    Personally however I feel that the big problem is that delicious has a huge userbase, and outgoings to match, and very little ways to bring money in. When I look at how I use it, I very rarely go to their website even, using buttons in my browser to tag links and access my links. Even when I do go to their site, there is no ads, no premium services, nothing that can bring in money.

    When I look at the info in my delicious bookmarks though, you can find out a lot about me and my interests. Surely if delicious had been bought by Google they would have taken advantage of that by at least serving ads that are likely to match my interests when I visit my home page, or specific ads when I click on a tag.

    As a user of delicious I have to say that I really wouldn’t mind them making a bit of money, as lets face it, if I want to keep these links into the future, they need to be at least recovering their costs.

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