Yahoo Monitors Twitter From the Sideline

Enables search by emoticon

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Yahoo has released a desktop application for searching and real time monitoring of Twitter. Called Sideline, the app was built on the Adobe AIR platform and is a open source.
Sideline Search
Sideline allows users to create and group custom queries by topics. In essence, if you want to see what people are saying about AIG at this very moment, you can set it up to bring only those tweets up. The interface presents the different terms/queries in a pretty easy to understand tabbed format.

The search function is really interesting because of all the options it offer. Unlike what the search world has become accustomed to—a single search bar—the Sideline search function is both retro and new.

It offers to find tweets based on all of the words in a query, the exact phrase, any instance of particular words, or without particular words, but also it allows the searcher to search only tweets from a particular person or to a particular person, any tweets referencing that Twitter user. It also lets users search for attitudes related to the query, as expressed by smiling or frowning emoticons.

Sideline Screenshot

This little Yahoo side project might just turn out to be something very useful and popular, especially among the reputation management crowd.   


Yahoo Monitors Twitter From the Sideline
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  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Nick Rinylo

    It looks like they have done quite a nice job designing the app too.

    • http://www.scritube.com scritube

      i like that nice job designing the app too.

      The desin part is what i like the most

  • http://ProstateCancerVictory.com Prostate Cancer

    Yahoo should be working on BUYING Twitter and not some crazy monitoring from the sideline. Google is already making plans to buy Twitter and if they do, that’s LESS for yahoo.

  • http://www.topdownsleepingbags.com Down Sleeping Bags

    Ya, I had heard that Google was interested in buying Twitter… along with everything else in the world.. :)

  • http://www.medlawplus.com jjray

    Nice concept from Yahoo. But I could not find a link to FAQs on the sideline site. One of the search filters is entitled “from this person”. But can you enter multiple twitter user names into that field? I think being able to filter a tweet search from a designated group of users is very useful. Being able to search the tweets of just one user, not so.

  • http://www.gocompareremovals.co.uk/ removal quotes

    Its a good app, Twitter is lacking so much standard, its about time something like this came up.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    So while rumors were crossing the virtual world regarding Google might or might not accquire Twitter, Yahoo was developing this neat application!

    I wonder what are we going to see in the near future!

  • http://www.Nurburg.eu FaTe

    If Yahoo was any half bit serious on buying twitter then this search application will provide them massive volumes of data on what kind of direction and search patterns is most used on twitter itself as the new tool expands amongst users. So while many are shouting “they should, they will, they could” I see Yahoo being “nice” giving twitter a useful service and get massive amounts of data for free….

    Wait a minute didn’t Google do ………………………………..

  • http://poseidonprofit.blogspot.com Poseidon SEO, SEM, SMO

    Now i was just wondering who’s gonna buy Twitter in the near future ?

  • http://www.parvoindogs.com parvo


  • http://www.bellajewelz.com bella

    That sounds like a good application, I would use it.

    As some mention, Yahoo wants to acquire Twitter, are they really in the position to do that? They almost sold themselves to Microsoft last year and they don’t seem to do very well with marketing themselves for anything they have, other than their search engine. Flicker, Yahoo Auctions, and many other things they have they squandered and I think they would do the same with Twitter if they got it.

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