Yahoo Messenger Adds Social Features

    October 30, 2007

Yahoo said today that it is adding new features to its instant messaging service.

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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 in beta has added features that make the service more social in nature. There is now extra room to post a picture or other image next to contact names and users can share video or photos in the message screen. Users can also forward messages to their mobile phones when they are away from their computers.

Sabrina Ellis, vice president of Yahoo Messenger commented on the new social features saying, "In some ways, if you look at it Yahoo Messenger is a social network in that people have actually defined who their friends are and these are people they communicate with," she told IDG News.

Last month Yahoo Messenger had 94. 3 million unique users, an increase of almost 30 percent from September 2006 and second globally to Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger with 227 million users according to comScore.

On the overall integration of social features into Yahoo Messenger Ellis said, " This makes it easier fro people to stay connected and grow their friendships. We added several personalization features. We think a lot of the media- sharing will really help."