Yahoo Lines Up One Purchase, Two Sales

    July 22, 2009

Yahoo’s seen a lot of activity on the personnel front in recent months; loads of employees have quit or been laid off, even as few new ones have joined the team.  Now, the corporation-level equivalent of this exchange seems to be taking place, as reports indicate that Yahoo’s acquired one company and is trying to sell two properties.

Xoopit, which "connects with your email and lets you browse photos & videos, find files, and share with friends," is the supposed new Yahoo asset.  Kara Swisher reported that the deal will be announced tomorrow, and put Xoopit’s price in the neighborhood of $20 million.

Interestingly, Xoopit’s current homepage and "About Us" section focus a great deal on its connections to Gmail, but Yahoo Mail and Flickr at least rate a mention apiece, too.

As for what’s on the auction block, Connie Loizos identified HotJobs and Yahoo Small Business as being for sale.  Their price tags remain unknown, but it may be relevant to remember that Yahoo started the HotJobs acquisition process in late 2001 with an offer of $436 million.

Assuming nothing too wonky happens, then, Yahoo seems likely to come out of this whole thing with a fair amount of extra cash to show for it.