Yahoo! HotJobs Books Hot Off The Presses

    January 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

First on the Web, now at Barnes & Noble, Yahoo! announced today the release of three books designed to help job seekers improve their chances of placement and career success. The series is authored by Yahoo! HotJobs in-house career experts Dan Finnigan and Marc Karasu and published by Sterling Publishing.

Yahoo! says 2006 has the brightest job outlook in years, and the book series is targeted toward three distinct groups of job seekers-new graduates, mid-career seekers and executives.

“Our goal in writing these books is to provide the tools, strategies and insights, based on the experience of Yahoo! HotJobs, that will connect candidates to their dream jobs while reducing frustrations that present themselves during the job seeking process,” said Dan Finnigan, executive vice president and general manager, Yahoo! HotJobs.

The books are entitled From Learning to Earning: Succuss Strategies for New Grads; Your Next Move: Success Strategies for Mid-Career Professionals; and Next Stop, Corner Office: Strategies for Managers and Executives.

“In our years of experience in working with job seekers and employers, we understand that there is a need to create a structured process, helping job hunters of all levels understand the components of a successful job search,” said Karasu, vice president for HotJobs.

The books are only available now at Barnes & Noble stores, but will become available nationally in February.