Yahoo Follows Google On SMS Search

    July 8, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The two search engine competitors now have a match in the SMS search space, where text messages can retrieve information to mobile phones.

Yahoo has debuted SMS Search for its mobile service offerings. And, Yahoo made a change to the way it provides search to users of browsers on mobile handsets.

By sending a SMS message to YAHOO, mobile users can sift through content from a variety of search options. Weather reports, dictionary defintions, and local business listings can be found quickly.

And, the astrologically inclined can lookup their daily horoscope through SMS search, too. It’s a little feature in what has become a competition for billions of dollars of revenue. By adding useful little services, the companies hope to bring people to their portals and keep them there regularly.

Yahoo also made a change to its search for mobile web browsers. Its technology now supports WAP 2.0 browsers, which can handle XHTML content. Yahoo’s mobile search had been available only for HTML-enabled browsers on handsets.

Those browsers can select from web, local, or image searches through the Yahoo search interface. Google offers the same options but has added one that lets the users restrict the search to mobile web sites only.

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