Yahoo Enhances Ad Traffic Quality

    October 5, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A new option for Yahoo’s advertisers allows them to have better control of where their ads appear on Yahoo’s Publishing Network.

Yahoo Enhances Ad Traffic Quality
Yahoo Enhances Ad Traffic Quality

Not every site eligible to display advertising from the Yahoo Publishing Network may be a desirable destination for every advertiser. For whatever reason, traffic from a particular domain doesn’t provide a marketer with the best benefits.

Yahoo addressed this by making a new feature available for its search marketing clients. The company’s top click quality officer, Reggie Davis, posted about it on the Yahoo Search Marketing blog:

The new Blocked Domains feature, which launches later this month, is just the latest among several initiatives we are undertaking in order to in order to provide increased value. Others include:

You may automatically receive pricing discounts based on our assessment of the quality of traffic coming from our partner distribution network.

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