Yahoo Drops The Ball With E-mail, IM Services

    June 22, 2006

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a number of people found their Yahoo e-mail and instant messaging unresponsive. The company admitted to experiencing an outage early Wednesday morning.

Joe Beaulaurier, the author of “The Unofficial Yahoo Weblog,” described the problem. “I’ve been encountering problems with logging in to Yahoo! last night and again this morning. Sluggish to get into mail and I have been unable to log in to Messenger at all this morning.” Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball was also unavailable to some.

Kiersten Hollars, the Yahoo spokeswoman, made a statement, which was covered by Candace Lombardi of “For a brief period early this morning, certain areas of Yahoo were inaccessible to a portion of registered users due to software-related issues. We have identified the issue and corrected it. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience, and we apologize to our users who might have been affected. We take these issues extremely seriously, and Yahoo is instituting new processes to protect against similar incidents from occurring again.”

Of the eight people who commented on a previous outage on this page, seven reported being experiencing problems. (The eighth offered a Gmail invitation.) Each of their comments was displayed as a double post, implying that something might also have been wrong with Weblogs at the time.

Yahoo appears to have everything up and running again at this point, and the company hasn’t offered any further explanation of the “software-related issues.” No estimates were given as to how many people may have been affected by the outage.

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