Yahoo Crunches Out Doritos Ad Contest

    October 13, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo’s first order of business after its acquisition of video site JumpCut is to invite users to create a Doritos commercial, similar to what Yahoo! did recently with their own promotion. The grand prize: $10,000 and a trip to Super Bowl XLI in Miami.

In a partnership with Frito-Lay, Yahoo is seeking user-generated advertising in the form of 30-second spots. In addition to the cash and the trip, the winning commercial will be broadcast during the Super Bowl broadcast – air time that runs advertisers about $2.5 million to reach an estimated 48 million people.

Doritos’ Crash The Superbowl campaign includes a few tools for would be directors to use. These include logo graphics, music, and sound effects. Assumedly, Doritos Girl Ali Landry is unavailable for video shoots.

Whether or not user-generated commercials are good for the viewer, the prize is certainly good for the creatorand cheap enough for the advertiser (TV commercials are expensive to produce).

Over at the WebProBlog, our own Chris Richardson muses about the development:

One thing the GooTube fall-out has brought is a growing awareness of online video and its ability to support advertising, which is logical progression considering Google is a marketing juggernaut as well as a search engine. The nature of video dictates these advertisements will be in the television commercial style, which leads to an idea – could online commercials become as popular (or annoying) as their television counterparts are?


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