Yahoo Answers Outlives MSN QnA

    May 12, 2009

MSN QnA isn’t long for this world; an announcement posted yesterday on its official blog made clear that Microsoft’s site designed to help people share information and opinions will close on May 21st.  At the same time, Yahoo Answers appears to be healthier than ever.

A Yahoo spokesperson emailed WebProNews to say, "In the past year, Yahoo! Answers has grown from 129.6 million to 177.8 million monthly unique visitors worldwide – a 37% year over year increase."  Also, "Yahoo! Answers receives an average of 173,000 questions and 1.1 million answers a day globally."


Toss in the fact (as verified by comScore) that "Yahoo! Answers users spent over a billion minutes (1.05 billion) on the site in March 2009," and you get a picture of a pretty impressive operation.

Then there’s MSN QnA, which didn’t even make it out of beta.  The post publicizing its death implied that Microsoft will remain interested in questions and answers, but instead of announcing some new product, just went on to explain how QnA community members can use Live Search and stay in touch through Windows Live or different message boards.

Yahoo may be having a bit of trouble on the search and advertising fronts, but it’s continuing to clean up in this one field.