Yahoo Answers Outlives MSN QnA

Survivor has seen 37 percent YOY increase in unique visitors

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MSN QnA isn’t long for this world; an announcement posted yesterday on its official blog made clear that Microsoft’s site designed to help people share information and opinions will close on May 21st.  At the same time, Yahoo Answers appears to be healthier than ever.

A Yahoo spokesperson emailed WebProNews to say, "In the past year, Yahoo! Answers has grown from 129.6 million to 177.8 million monthly unique visitors worldwide – a 37% year over year increase."  Also, "Yahoo! Answers receives an average of 173,000 questions and 1.1 million answers a day globally."


Toss in the fact (as verified by comScore) that "Yahoo! Answers users spent over a billion minutes (1.05 billion) on the site in March 2009," and you get a picture of a pretty impressive operation.

Then there’s MSN QnA, which didn’t even make it out of beta.  The post publicizing its death implied that Microsoft will remain interested in questions and answers, but instead of announcing some new product, just went on to explain how QnA community members can use Live Search and stay in touch through Windows Live or different message boards.

Yahoo may be having a bit of trouble on the search and advertising fronts, but it’s continuing to clean up in this one field.

Yahoo Answers Outlives MSN QnA
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  • Raped by Yahoo Answers

    I thought Yahoo Answers was a great website and I enjoyed helping people by answering questions. I was a Top contributor in two areas and had answered over 1,000 questions with a high percentage of Best Answers. Most were chosen by the asker. The asker frequently commented on how helpful my answer had been.
    I had never had a single answer deleted and lo and behold, I receive an e mail stating that my account was suspended for either violation of community guidelines or terms of service. It did not specify which guideline or term of service or what posted content was in violation. There is an appeal form to fill out. On the appeal form a person is to state why the disputed content is not a violation yet he does not know what the disputed content is! Rather odd!And he cannot access his answers once suspended to even try and determine if there might have been a problem with an answer. I figure this is some sort of mistake and my account would be reinstated once appealed. Within 24 hours I get a computer generated form response stating that I had lost the appeal and was welcome to open the new account, supposedly signed by some person at Yahoo customer care, but everyone whose account is suspended gets one of these and no person has reviewed it. The whole setup is a joke. Who ever heard of a permanent suspension for doing nothing wrong and not being told what you purportedly did wrong. If a person did post something so terrible to have his entire account suspended, then why would Yahoo want him to immediately open a new account. Wouldn’t it make more sense to suspend his account for a week or so? It makes no sense at all. What idiot contrived this setup is the question that needs to be asked on Yahoo Answers! The worst part is that but the person whose account is suspended can no longer access any of his answers. In essence Yahoo has stolen the intellectual property of anyone who posts answers on the site and whose account they arbitrarily decide to suspend. Yahoo Answers is a bizarre Kafkaesque world. It is about the closest to being in “The Trial.” that one can experience. I feel totally abused and intellectually raped by Yahoo. They need to get rid of “community moderation” because it is a playground for Trolls and is destroying Yahoo Answers. There are Top Contributor Trolls that report others answers so as not to have competition for theirs for Best Answer and then there are just plain Trolls who target Top Contributors and report answers as “abuse” just to destroy others’ accounts. Yahoo contributes to this true “abuse” by having a button to report “abuse” on each answer. Apparently to try to keep one’s account safe from Trolls, a person has to privatize his questions and answers which means then no one can find and read them just by going to his profile page, then he has to block all “Top Contributors” and persons with high point totals who could get him suspended which will keep them from reading his answers or at least questions, and reporting them as abuse. Apparently those with higher point totals are more “trusted reporters” of purported “abuse.” Yahoo Answers is just too much trouble to figure out how to navigate without getting suspended by some Troll for doing nothing but providing helpful answers, so I am not going to even bother with it anymore. I regret that I know I truly did help others because they told me so, and I won’t be able to help individuals in similar circumstances in the future, and there are so many garbage answers posted there often by “Top Contributors” that it’s ridiculous. There are plenty of horror stories on the Internet about Yahoo Answers abuse of customers. Word is spreading and no one serious will waste his time providing quality answers on that site. It’s sad because it could really be great. How I feel about Yahoo as a company has completely changed by my experience on Yahoo Answers and I don’t think I am the only one. The word Yahoo used to denote a cool Silicon Valley company and carried a lot of goodwill, now it just signifies a negative experience and a company obviously run by a bunch of bumbling and arrogant idiots who have no concern for the customer at all.

  • YahooSucks

    I agree. I was raped by Yahoo Stores. Shut down my store for no reason. No warning. The only thing I can think of is that my upgrade (which they suggested i do) went horribly wrong and I chewed them out on the phone.

  • Guest

    I recently had a yahoo store closed for no reason, allegedly due to a ‘TOS violation’ which they will not explain nor comment on, other than repeatedly sending me their TOS. (I got it the first time folks, and I can read English – but apparently you can’t as I have not violated anything listed).

    They also will not allow anyone to talk to me about it, reply to my emails, or return phone calls, as they keep promising will happen. (Agents have told me “I’ll get fired if I speak to you about this, we have to have a manager call you back” – and that has yet to happen.)

    They will not allow me to retrieve my e-mails, customer data, sales data, or even confirm which customers were included in the last credit card processing batch.

    I guess using yahoo stores is like going into business with the mob.

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