Yahoo Announces Ultimate Connection Winners

    July 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo’s contest rewarded three small business owners with search marketing prizes, a meeting with Ivanka Trump, and a power lunch that moved to new heights.

Yahoo Announces Ultimate Connection Winners
Yahoo Announces Ultimate Connection Winners

A $25,000 budget on Yahoo Search Marketing and ongoing help with marketing and website design have been bestowed on three entrepreneurs. Yahoo users selected the winners from among the finalists in the Ultimate Connection contest and brought them to New York.

Yahoo’s Michael Mattis discussed the winners and their time in New York on Yahoo’s official blog. Fairy sculptor Melissa Belland, compact keyboard inventor Mike Willner, and Kids Crooked House builder Glen Halliday scooped up the prizes.

Photos of the “power lunch in the sky” showed the winners and Yahoo’s select marketing pros dining on a platform raised over New York Harbor. If the winners were expecting that lunch to take place in some tall building in Manhattan, they must have been pretty surprised at Yahoo’s choice of venue.

Since it was a marketing promotion, it makes sense that Yahoo would do something different and attention getting with the presentation. We just hope no one needed to visit the ‘little entrepreneur’s room’ while gently swaying over the water.