Yahoo Announces Two HotJobs Upgrades

    June 23, 2008

Users of Yahoo’s HotJobs site may be in for a slight treat; thanks to two new features, it should become easier to get contacted by (or connect with) relevant, hiring companies.

HotJobs Smart Ads will work on behalf of passive jobseekers by turning job listings into display ads and showing the ads across the Yahoo Network.  Not that active searchers should mind the advertisements, either, since Yahoo stressed their relevance as an important highlight.

Yahoo HotJobs

The second feature, Premium Company Profiles, is blessed with a fairly self-explanatory name.  A formal statement expands on matters by pointing out, "Working with popular Yahoo! properties such as Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! Answers, each page comes with an added layer of information and insight about the company in addition to a full listing of positions available to job seekers."

Perhaps Yahoo doesn’t seem like the best company to boast about ads and job listings; recent executive departures and its deal with Google make the development seem ironic.  Also, it’s not hard to imagine some Yahoo employees "testing" HotJobs and happening to find their next places of employment.

Still, the economy has everyone on edge and some people out of work, and there’s no harm in having another option available when it comes to job sites.