XAML Heralds “New Era” for Applications

    September 12, 2006

Buzz is building about Microsoft’s Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).

One writer stated that it “opens [a] paradigm shift for application development,” and “promises to usher in a new era in the development of applications.”

George Lawton authored those remarks after reading the Burton Group report titled “XAML: Declarative Programming Advances in .NET 3.0.”

He also quoted several other individuals in his article; all of them seemed to agree that XAML is an important technology.

XAML, in case you didn’t know, “provides an infrastructure to allow designers, developers and business process managers to coordinate their areas of expertise through a fluid processes.”

Parimal Deshpande, a senior product manager at Microsoft, spoke about pre-XAML problems.

“It was very frustrating for developers and designers to work off the previous model because it took a lot of time and the end result was not all that great,” he stated. “There is a need for good architecture principles and separation principles to have a clean separation between UI logic and business logic.”

According to Lawton, Deshpande went on to say that XAML addresses these issues. It “separates the User Interface, or UI, and business logic,” and “it allows tools within Visual Studio and the design environment to access the same data.”

Ron DeSerranno, the CEO of Mobiform Software, had a different perspective on XAML’s effect on “separation.”

“Right now,” he said, “there is a large separation of where documents, video, and audio live. It gets complex when you start mixing them together. With XAML, you will see more of a merging of those worlds.”

As to when XAML will make its way out into the world, “Microsoft plans to release the first official versions of XAML . . . when Windows Vista ships late this year,” Lawton wrote. Also, “other vendors are also starting to release tools optimized for creating XAML files, such as Mobiform with Aurora and Electric Rain with ZAM3D.”


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