Wotbox.com Back with 8 New Local Search Sites

    September 2, 2004

Wotbox is an independent Search Engine that over the last year has developed a strong following on the web.

Mainly known for its advanced geo-targeting technology, Wotbox displays a flag of the country of origin next to each result on its search pages. It also offers many other advanced features including allowing users to zone in and search only in their chosen country.

“The logical next step on from this was to create a fully localized version of Wotbox for each country.” says Director Mike Nott, “We’re trying to give international users more choice by providing another local search option for them. We also wanted the interface for non-english sites to be in the native language, making it easier for local users.”

The new country-specific Wotbox sites are for:






New Zealand


United States

This brings the total number of Wotbox sites to 10 including the main international site and the United Kingdom local version that is already proving very popular with British users. More localized Wotboxes will also be available soon.

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