Worm Pretends To Be iTunes

    July 20, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A worm targeting Windows operating systems hides in a file named itunes.exe, and will try distributing itself over AIM.

Antivirus maker Trend Micro says the Opanki worm’s name may trick people into thinking it is a legitimate file associated with Apple’s iTunes Music Store. But if it is executed, the worm will try to spread via AIM.

The worm sends the instant message “this picture never gets old” to everyone on the victim’s Buddy List. That message contains a link to a location where it is believed a copy of the worm would be retrieved. But Trend Micro states in its advisory that the URL linked to from the message is not available.

This worm will download and execute a variety of mostly adware programs onto the victim’s computer. Also, the worm has the capability to open a backdoor to Internet Relay Chat, where it listens for commands issued on the #fate channel from a malicious user.

Users should ensure their antivirus programs have up to date signature files and engines, to help protect against this worm and other virus problems.

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