World Cup Fans Sober Up On Worm Attack

    May 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A variant of the Sober worm has been appearing as an enticement to fans seeking World Cup tickets.

Getting a ticket to World Cup 2006 in Germany has proven a frustrating venture for many fans. Even more frustrating will be fans victimized by a worm that preys on their desire for tickets.

The W32/Sober.V worm spreads via e-mail. The worm has been primarily targeted at German Windows users, but English language Windows versions may be in the wild.

The e-mail purports to offer the recipient a chance to purchase World Cup tickets. Legitimate contact information for FIFA, the World Cup organizer, is included.

If the user opens an attachment, the worm is triggered. A fake WinZip self-extractor message appears on the user’s screen.

All users should ensure their antivirus products have up to date signature files.

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