WordPress Sees Huge Growth in 2007

    December 18, 2007

Here are some numbers about blogging and social networking sites according to Nielsen Online. They just released November’s numbers on the top 10 social networking sites. The biggest gainers are Flixster (where you share movie reviews) and LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.


Top 10 Social Networking Sites
Quick Facts 

  • MySpace.com is #1 social networking site in the US, with nearly 57.4 million unique visitors last month.
  • Google’s Blogger rests is #1 for blog site rankings with 33.6 million visitors and 49% more than last year with 33.6 visitors in November.
  • #2 social networking site, Facebook is keeping double digit growth rates compared to last year. The number of visitors is nearly 22.0 million – 89 percent higher compared to MySpace visitors which rose just 7 percent year over year.
  • WordPress, the #2 blogging platform grew 310 percent from last year with 12 million visitors, — up from 2.9 million last year. #3 is Type Pad, which grew — 22 percent from last year with 11.0 million visitors in Nov.

Here’s a chart that shows last month’s comparison of the top blog sites. Blogger is far ahead but WordPress and Thatsfit (a health-oriented blog) are growing very quickly. Judging from this social networking sites are topping out more than blogs. There is positive growth for all but Xanga.

Top 10 Blogs