WordPress Overtakes TypePad

    November 14, 2007

If this were a car race, TypePad would now be seeing WordPress’s taillights; Automattic’s creation just passed its competitor in terms of traffic.

“WordPress is now the No. 2 most-visited blog host,” notes Dan Frommer, and its sites “drew 11.4 million unique visitors last month, representing 444% year-over-year growth, while TypePad-hosted sites drew 10.6 million uniques, up 20% year-over-year.”

 WordPress Overtakes TypePad

That’s extraordinarily impressive and pretty decent, respectively, and the stats come courtesy of Nielsen//NetRatings, so they’re not too open to criticism.

As for the number one spot in this competition, Blogger remained the far-and-away leader of the bunch, with 34.1 million unique visitors.  Its growth, expressed as a percentage, stayed strong at 58.

It looks like we’ll be staying with this ordering for a while, then – TypePad doesn’t look ready to receive 800,000 extra unique visitors next month, and there’s no way WordPress will gain an additional 22.7 million.  Yet some other movements may take place close to this arena, as rumors swirl about Automattic’s founders and $50 million.