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    December 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Women 2.0 (a division of Entrepreneur27) and Stanford BASES are hosting their next event focused on individuals who went against tradition and took big risks, resulting in careers that they really enjoy. In many cases, these entrepreneurs actually “created” or joined real business based on their passions, allowing them to earn a living doing something they love.

Event: Converting Your Passion into a Real Business
Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Location: Stanford University, Room 420-040 in the Quad (map)

From the vlogging/blogging community to seasoned entrepreneurs, our panelists have done everything from covering internet celebrity smut to running an adult luxury goods business!

  • Nick Douglas, Valleywag Immediate-Past Editor (Currently with Huffington)
  • Shannon McClenaghan, JimmyJane CEO
  • Amy Andersen, LinxDating Founder and CEO
  • Christopher Surdi, Global Educational Program (GEP)
    Co-Founder & President
  • Michael Cerda, Jangl CEO
  • Moderator: Ariel Poler, TextMarks CEO
  • Panelists will share their stories with us and talk about how and why they decided to do what they did – with topics such as getting started, getting funding, and how to run a successful business.
    Free with a valid student ID and $10 without (some exceptions apply). Please register here. Food and drink will be provided.

    What is Women 2.0?

    Women 2.0 connects like-minded, motivated young women to swap energy, ideas, and experiences with each other. They promote the collaboration and growth of women in entrepreneurship, technology, and business and provide opportunities to interact with other successful women from a broad spectrum of industries.



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