Wishlist Widget Allows Digital Gifting

    December 17, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Getting a virtual slice of pizza might be fun and all, but five-month-old startup gBox is betting that people would rather receive something more tangible this holiday season. It’s also betting social networkers will appreciate its new Wishlist widget more than Facebook’s Beacon program.

gBox The Wishlist widget allows users to publish what gifts (right now, just music) they want on their social networking profile or blog, and friends can purchase it for them and send it digitally. The recipient receives an email telling them so-and-so bought them a gift.

gBox CEO Tammy Artim tells WebProNews that over a million tracks are available in gBox’s inventory, in MP3 or WMA formats from major music labels such as Universal and Sony, or from independent labels like Iota.

Though the initial release is for music only, Artim says the gBox platform will extend to videos and games, and eventually into hard goods. Mobile capabilities are also planned as the company works out details with the major carriers.

The company also contrasts its more controlled approach to promotion to Facebook’s Beacon fiasco. Instead of defacto endorsements like Beacon provides, users can more actively choose which products or artists they find desirable, and post them to their Wishlist.

"We think it’s a pretty cool way to get in front of the consumer," says Artim, also noting how it’s a follow-up to the popular practice of virtual gifting.

gBox’s Wishlist is only available for PC, but Artim says Mac compatibility will follow.