Will the Google CIA Story Gain Legs?

    November 2, 2006

Notice how stories get passed along in the word-of-mouth networks. Here Karel leaves a link in my comments. That leads to his blog, which is asking is Google in bed with the CIA, which leads to Michael Hampton’s blog, with even more info on this.

I gotta call Google PR and find out what the official comment is. Actually, let’s see how long it takes for Google PR to leave a comment here. I’m posting this at 5:26 p.m.

Note: I do not know whether any of this is true. It sure would be nice to have some transparency on the kinds of things that are being collected and also know who those are being shared with, and why. But I doubt we’ll ever get that kind of transparency.

CNBC ran a documentary today titled “Big Brother, Big Business” which talked about similar issues with search engine companies sharing information collected about us with governmental agencies (here’s an article about CNBC’s documentary business). Anyone know if you can find that on the Internet? I searched YouTube and couldn’t find it.



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