Wikimania II

    August 4, 2006

Great to be in Boston at the second Wikimania, the Wikipedia community conference. Keynoting at the first one in Frankfurt was an honor and joy.

This time, I get to sit back and enjoy one of the most diverse hallways you will find.

Wiki Wednesday in Palo Alto was a real hit. Jeremy Ruston provided a demo of TiddlyWiki and talked through the unexpected use cases, from GTD and beyond. Jeremy has something appealingly useful that is being extended through plugins by a burgeoning community. Some of his core insights were about how real people don’t use the web. The AJAX-enabled accordion-style presentation-in-page UI is akin to tabbed browsing (which regular people don’t do). TiddyWiki is an app as an HTML file, which means he gets to joke with people that by visiting the site they have already downloaded it. But by containing the app as just a file in a folder, installation is accessible.

Pete, Adina, Jonas and I also talked about Socialtext Open and how improving the installer is our top priority. A funny conversation ensued about if making install too easy meant you wouldn’t value the outcome as much. But it was great to meet some folks who did install and get their feedback.


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