WikiAnswers Now Has Over 1 Million Questions

    November 1, 2007

WikiAnswers doesn’t know how popular it will become.  It’s also unable to tell me how to peel an egg, how to make a J-turn, or why Guinness tastes so good.  But in any event, WikiAnswers has reached and passed the million-question milestone.

If you don’t know what WikiAnswers is, the site’s name should be enough to tip you off.  WikiAnswers isn’t directly related to Wikimedia or Wikipedia, however; instead, it’s owned by the same company that runs

That company (Answers Corporation) is quite proud of WikiAnswers, and rightly so – it reports, “for the first nine months of this year, WikiAnswers unique monthly visitor count in the U.S. has grown 317%, to over four million.  This ranks WikiAnswers as the second-fastest growing domain of the top 1,500.”

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Also, on October 30th, “registered users grew by 1,867, a new daily record,” according to Answers Corporation.  Granted, those users (and/or the site’s owners) still have some work to do – I think there should at least be an answer to the eggshell question – but the rate of growth is nonetheless impressive.

As for the future, that appears to be largely up to the users themselves – company execs are pleased with where their suggestions have taken the site so far, and don’t appear anxious to make any major changes in the near future.