Why Bloggers Don’t Need a Labor Union

    August 6, 2007

It appears some left-wing political bloggers are trying to form a labor union in hopes they’ll receive health insurance and better working standards. Here are five reasons why this is a stupid move.

1. Where do we draw the line?

It seems we can barely agree on how to define a blogger, so how do we decided who gets to join the union?

2. What about other citizen journalists?

Blogging is more of a platform for publishing than the actual profession. Do we include those that publish video online or record audio podcasts?

3. Not all bloggers are created equal.

There are some bloggers that only really put in minimum effort while others are geniuses at the keyboard. Shouldn’t we just let the market decide which bloggers are worthy of better pay and benefits?

4. Do we want blogging pickets?

Are bloggers really going to set up a picket line and stop blogging until some guy gets the ergonomic keyboard he’s requested?

5. Blogging isn’t large enough yet.

Good grief, we’ve barely gotten to the point where blogs are making money, and now we want to unionize the workforce? There aren’t that many blog networks that make more than six figures annually and paid bloggers are few and far between. Shouldn’t we wait until we’ve actually built a workforce before we look at a union for it?

What do you think? Did I miss anything or perhaps you have your own list of why blogging does need a union.