Whos that Knocking at my Door? A Fresh View of Eight Common 2X4s of Life

    August 25, 2003

Waking up from a life “dream” by a 2×4 is hard and shocking. Life as we know it is often interrupted. Answering the knock on the door with growth-promoting questions frees us to let go of what is not working in our life, meet a bigger self, and draft a new blueprint.

Use the questions to shift your view and create a fresh approach to transform eight common 2×4’s of life:

1. Divorce/Break-up The breakup of a marriage or relationship shatters pipe dreams about romantic love and unrealistic expectations. It also dissolves the notion that another person makes us happy. When the wounds of divorce initiate a journey of self-discovery, they pave the way to a deeper understanding of commitment and trust. Journeying forth, you find that love – the essence of who you are- is available in every moment.

Awareness question: How can I begin to love myself in the ways I want to be loved?

2. Financial collapse. Bankruptcy, or the loss of a job, accounts, house or investments, burst the bubble of safety whirled by material possessions. If you detach from financially driven distractions you discover that true security lies within. Turning inward, you come upon the one enduring treasure: your self

Awareness Question: How can I begin creating lasting security that cannot be shaken?

3. Debilitating Illness. Mortality is a powerful teacher. It corrodes the bedrock of any belief system that identifies the human being as merely a physical organism. Beyond the flesh, you experience an encounter with the divine spark within.

Awareness question: What limiting beliefs do I need to let go of to experience that I am more than this body?

4. Depression. Repressed feelings and memories create caverns of long ago frozen emotions. Expressing and releasing them can set free entire chunks of your essence. Greeting each one with acceptance, forgiveness and loving melts the pain and separation.

Awareness question: What can I do to befriend my memories and emotions so that all parts are welcomed home?

5. Loss of loved one. Despair following the death of someone dearly beloved eclipses all light. Choosing to live, perhaps for the first time, you walk steadfastly through the darkness. When you reclaim the promise in life, you emerge into daylight renewed.

Awareness question: How can I open and allow my grief to lead me through this darkness? What can I source inside for strength?

6. Addictions. No fix can once and for all fill the starving face of cravings. Your deepest nourishment – your innermost feelings, connections with others, your divine spark within – is obscured by addictions. Recovery gradually guides you back to yourself and to a sense of fullness where defeats can be turned into victories.

Awareness question: How does my addiction to control rob me of knowing that all is well?

7. Insomnia. Sleeplessness summons you to confront your greatest spooks. Facing a beast that comes out only in the dark sheds light on this unconscious fear. In the beam of your awareness it vanishes, like the boogeyman.

Awareness question: What unconscious need or desire is awakening me from an illusion?

8. Lack of purpose. Purposelessness keeps you stalled at the door of forgotten hopes and dreams. Unable to move forward, you begin peeling away slabs of hurt and disappointment that block the entryway. Energy and enthusiasm are restored and discarded talents renewed.

Awareness question: How can I let go of disappointment so I can reclaim the dreams of my childhood?

Two-by-fours are great awakeners, capable of catalyzing unparalleled insights. It takes considerable courage to go beyond the hurt of a trauma. But timing does not matter. What counts is waking up to answer a recurring knock, for then you begin to transform your life.

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