Who Knew? Yahoo Continuing To Hire

    February 15, 2008

In the midst of an absolute flood of them, we’ve got another trickle of firings to report: 40 people were let go by Yahoo India.  The truly strange part, though, is that Yahoo India is still looking to add over 500 new employees.

Let’s start with the 40 folks.  Some sources claimed they were cut due to performance issues; others said the development is part of the ongoing layoffs.  Either way (or both of ‘em), we could understand; while those individuals are now in an unenviable position, Yahoo is in trouble and needs to lighten its load.

Who Knew?  Yahoo Continuing To Hire

But that’s why the other half of this story is so odd.  Yahoo India’s currently got around 1,400 employees, and “Sharad Sharma, Yahoo’s R&D chief in India, said the centre was on track to raising its headcount to 2,000 this year, hiring about 60-80 people a month,” according to Narayanan Madhavan

This would appear to signal that whatever’s happening in Yahoo India is a high priority within the corporation.  Or, as an equally likely alternative, it’s possible that Yahoo’s internal communication sucks, and not everyone has been filled in on the whole make-huge-improvements-or-get-assimilated state of affairs.

All right, maybe that second option isn’t quite as probable.  Still, Yahoo’s attempt at getting its act together has left a lot onlookers with a certain lack of confidence, and the employees who have been laid off almost certainly feel the same way.