Who has the best images of Google?

    September 13, 2006

Heheh, a little cross-company smack talk going on over on the Virtual Earth blog.

They link to all their competitors and say they have better imagery. Actually, what they are demonstrating is their new collections feature where you can gather together a collection of interesting places and put a link to that on your blog. Very useful! By the way, that and more are explained on other posts on the Virtual Earth blog.

Of course the Google Earth bloggers aren’t lying down in this competition. They just added a new layer feature which is very cool.

And, Ze Frank even gets into this fun too. He uses Google Earth today to show where all his “little yellow duckies” are (his viewers). Can you find me? My little Yellow Duckie is in Half Moon Bay, right by the Ritz. Ze told me I was the first member of his “ORG” and, looking at this now I see 10s of thousands of members who watch Ze Frank’s Show.

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