When To Adobt The SEO Of Tomorrow?

    May 15, 2008

Within the mass confusion that can erupt when there is a blog controversy, occasionally a thoughtful post will emerge. Last week ShoeMoney wrote about the Death of SEO and here on this blog Greg Howlett supported that theory, while I spoke up to disagree with those opinions. Others have also been discussing the topic and Joost de Valk, has chimed in as well, after reading a blog post from one of his colleagues entitled Reactionary vs. Visionary SEO.

Joost has taken a step back and looked critically at the situation and determined that decision making is what really is separating the internet marketers from one another. No one disagrees that SEO is evolving, whether what we see as today’s SEO will be around in the same format two years from now is still open for debate, but Joost makes the case that internet marketers who are following the wave of change are really pressed to decide when is it appropriate to adopt change?

Many marketers looking to the future, jump on the next bandwagon long before the old reliable one has started to show any real signs of failing. Joost uses the timing of when internet marketers stopped advocating the use of paid links as an excellent example in his post.

It seems like a disservice to yourself and or the clients you work with if you give up on a technique that still works to adopt a new one that hasn’t yet matured as an effective marketing tool, yet many internet marketers and SEO’s more specifically are jumping off of the bandwagon when they see future, but long before it has arrived. I am all for planning for the future, but giving up on the moment while doing so is a major mistake and a key point that Joost and I both agree on.