What If Google Had To Index Itself?

    October 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s famous for, and in part owes its success to, its clean interface. A search bar is all you need, in stark contrast to the busy pages of portal competitors. But what if Google had to optimize for Google?

Yes, this is like the one-hand-clapping question.

It’s a humorous proposition. What would Google’s homepage look like if the company had to design it for indexing? Would it be able to keep that famously clean shaven face?

Palo Alto Joe thinks not, and has created a nifty SEO play-by-play to transform the homepage from clean to cluttered by adding links, new content, and keyword density.

Next to "social bookmark spam facilitators" (otherwise known as buttons), my favorite part is about the keyword density. Google couldn’t just be "Google," but would have to refer to itself as Google Internet Search Engine several times on the page to ensure relevancy.