What Google Says About The Candidates

McCain, Obama, Clinton through the eye of the Plex

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Now that the US Presidential candidates have been campaigning for a solid year, we’re running out of angles from which to look at them. Since the Googleplex has hosted each of the remaining candidates, we thought we’d use the Google search engine to find those new angles.

This can show us a few things: what the Internet "climate," so to speak, is for the candidates; how they stand on issues affecting the Internet; and which ones are making the best use of the Internet for their campaigns.

And I’ll try to keep my opinions out of it. (Cub)Scout’s honor.

If you were just now tuning in to the race, and your TV’s busted, you might search Google Images to find out what the candidates look like.

Aside from the first image of Senator Barack Obama, which features "gangsta" Obama allegedly pandering to the African American audience, the rest, for the most part, look nice and Presidential. If you just search for "Obama," it’s a little more casual, featuring a more JFK, Jr.-esque shirtless beach shot, and of course his would-be Kennedy-esque mistress.

Hillary (don’t click that without safe search mode ON), on the other hand, doesn’t get quite the treatment Barack does. She’s featured as the Devil in both the informal "Hillary" return and the "Hillary Clinton" return (where she’s poking Bill in the rear with a pitchfork), as well as Darth Vader, or is featured with various decidedly monstrous looks on her face. Google Images doesn’t appear to like Hillary much, but that baby pic is priceless.

John McCain, according to Google Images, is a pirate. And a GI Joe. And is most often draped in the Stars and Stripes. Sometimes Presidential, sometimes crazy guy at the bar angry because you looked at him funny. POW camp kind of does that to a guy.

Okay, so Google Images clearly favors either McCain or Obama, depending on your POV, which puts Hillary last in our forthcoming analysis (besides, "ladies first" is so sexist). We’ll start with Obama because, according to Google Suggest, nobody knows who he is.

What Google Tells Us About Obama

If you’re the type of person who listens to what President Bush says and thinks we should do the opposite, then Obama’s your man. In this Editor & Publisher report, Bush called McCain a "true conservative" (a statement Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingram and Coulter might all disagree with), and said Hillary was "well-prepared for the job." And Barack? Bush doesn’t like Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. And if anybody knows about bad foreign policy, it’s Bush.

That’s the last time. Honestly.

Obama’s well-liked at the Googleplex, especially since he was the only candidate to answer correctly CEO Eric Schmidt’s Google employment question, which is about "the most efficient way to sort a million 32-bit integers."

He answered "I think the bubble sort would be the wrong way to go." That’s apparently correct because the crowd applauded. Giving me a math problem is like putting a chimp at the helm of an atom-smasher. Still, I think this is the correct answer: "Give them to a Google employee."



During that interview, Obama voiced support for Network Neutrality (a topic you’re unlikely to hear about off the Internet), and unveiled his technological plan for the nation, which included the appointment of a Chief Technical Officer to help make the government more transparent online.

As far as utilizing the Internet in his campaign goes, he’s been early and aggressive online, making use of YouTube, MySpace, and Google AdWords, especially to ward off a smear campaign suggesting he was Muslim. That question, by the way,—whether he’s Muslim—is the top Google suggestion for "Obama is…."

Google also tells us that, according to Slate, Obama is the most Google-like candidate, if you were to compare him to a company. A young, exciting, inspiring, dreamy upstart…whose stock has fallen, says my boss, hardee-har-har.

But even still, after all that Silicon Valley love – Google led contributors to his campaign, choosing him over Clinton and McCain – Obama failed to carry the region. Silicon Valley went the way of Microsoft. And the Obama Girl? Well, maybe she caught a cold by not wearing enough at the Google-YouTube New Hampshire pre-primary party, because she sort of didn’t go cast her vote in the New Jersey primary. Et tu, Amber Lee?

McCain, Your General Motors Pirate Guy

Google Suggest suggests that McCain is an insane, liberal traitor, or at best an old conservative. But if you’re the type to go against anything MoveOn.org says, which has thrown it’s support via donated money and advertising to Obama, then McCain’s your man.

And he’s earned your support. For every dollar McCain’s campaign spent online he earned $4 in campaign donations. Not a bad return at all. His email campaign did better, pulling $189 average donations at a cost of $8 per donor. He’s savvy when it comes to Internet campaigning, utilizing AdWords, AdSense, and MySpace to bolster support. 

His ads don’t always hit the mark. Some of his AdSense flyovers ended up in enemy territory thanks to some faulty contextual targeting. And he had to diffuse a McCain googlebomb at some point, which seems to have been unsuccessful. His attack on Hillary worked pretty well though.

While visiting the Googleplex, Schmidt let McCain off the hook by not making him answer the efficient bit-sorting thing, and McCain struck a cord with Googlers with this nugget:



“If Google is going to be able to maintain its supremacy in the world, it is going to have to continue to get the best and the brightest from all over the world, and I accept with your gigantic egos, that you are the best…we need an H1B visa program that works.”

But he wasn’t pandering. Soon after, a Googler got the "McCain story" Rick Santorum was talking about as the two of them argued about the war in Iraq. And McCain wasn’t exactly gentle. And he’s still kind of mad at Google and Yahoo for their involvements with China.

He’s against Net Neutrality, believing the market will right itself without government intervention. That might be why he took in $0 from Yahoo, and just $1,550 from Google. Don’t feel bad for him though, McCain has mentioned making Cisco CEO John Chambers a cabinet member. Cisco doesn’t like Net Neutrality either, especially with all the network filtering equipment they make.

Luckily for him, the Navajo put their anti-McCain pitch on Google Base where nobody’d see it, and nobody remembers the Keating thing either. Probably. At least, nobody’s brought it up yet, anyway.

While Obama is compared to Google, that same Slate article compared McCain to General Motors, calling them both "old warhorses" and implying McCain’s brand wouldn’t keep pace with the new efficiency. But as half my family is employed in the steel industry, I have to say, never, ever count old GM out.

Clinton, Our Microsoft

Google Suggest isn’t kind to Sen. Clinton, either, suggesting she "is" a fake, a joke, even the devil. Slate compared her to General Electric, the "mega-cap blue-chip, a juggernaut of the 1990s," but I like the comparison to Microsoft better, especially if Obama is Google.

In fact, out of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, Clinton pulled in the most from Mr. Softy, the Beast of Redmond, and carried Silicon Valley, too. She also has visited the Googleplex, but unfortunately, it looks like Clinton specified "no math questions" before Schmidt was allowed to interview her.



Clinton is also pro-Net Neutrality and has backed legislation in Congress. Her larger broadband expansion plans have come under fire recently, as she has based them on Kentucky Connect, which wasn’t quite the darling it was made out to be.

Rest assured, just like Microsoft with Google, wherever Obama is, there you’ll find Clinton, too, especially online. In AdWords, on YouTube and MySpace.

Final Tally

Let’s take a few things into consideration here. From a PageRank standpoint, Obama’s website is beating McCain’s, PR 7 to PR 5 (as of last August), but McCain’s MySpace profile PR is ahead of Obama’s 7 to 6. Clinton’s website 6, her MySpace profile 5.

SEO advantage goes to Obama.

Obama has 271,000 MySpace friends, compared to Hillary’s 181,000, and McCain’s disappointing 44,000.

Therefore, the overall Internet winner for the US Presidential Election of 2008 is…

Ron Paul?

What Google Says About The Candidates
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  • Guest

    We are in for trouble. You got your Hillary ‘crook’ Clinton and your ‘I’m not  even going to look at our flag Obama (by the way, if this were a few years ago how long do you think a guy like that would last? I’m just asking. Don’t even get me started on the other side of this mess. I’m not saying that McCain is a bad person but is this who we really want to see leading our country. When a crisis arises he could help out by telling us all about what it was like when he was a POW (again).These people change their minds more than a thirteen year old in a candy store. Darn if were not in trouble any way you look at it. On the positive side a least one flake dropped out and left Hillary and Osama to duke it out for the Dems. If we could just get someone in there with some common sense. While were at it how about some supreme court justices with some F’n common sense too!

    GOD help us.

    Chuck Norris for President

    • Guest

      ah, the 30%ers  . . . living proof of a child’s left behind. (Too much time spent on the Freeper Sites . . ."Osama"???)

  • Guest

    Ron Paul is the only candidate left that is not a member or follower of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) , Trilatereralist, or Buildberg fraternity to eliminate the sovereign USA. All the others are and have been involved in the international cause to form the North American Union and eventual One World government. Michelle Obama was the Chicago CFR Director. Both Clintons attended Buildberg meetings as guests. And ALL are involved with or members of the NYC CFR.


    Ron Paul is the only congressman that has consistently  sponsored legislation to rid the Nation of the private Federal Reserve Corporation international bank. He is the only candidate that has talked about the fiat money system and the inflation problem as the fall of the "dollar" in value continues. He is the only candidate that chooses to STOP the war and Bring our troops home from all over the world. Stop Pax-Americana the failing Empire building and Secure our borders from the invasion of third world peoples. He is the only candidate that has talked about the real issues and how to solve the Nations pressing destruction from a Republic to a "Soviet" meaning Council instituted and administered Union. Not by the vote or will of the people or even the elected officials but rather by as in EU councils of the appointed men.


    Ron Paul is the only candidate that has attempted to warn the American People of the machinations of the so-called elite and there drive to eliminate this nations middle-class and have without approval a World Government. Ron Paul has told the People that the investigation for 9/11 was flawed and a new independent one is needed to prove who was the cause and what actually occurred. As the government story does not tell us the truth and continual cover-up has been the result of our inquiries into this event.


    Ron Paul’s voting record reflects his statesmanship regard for following the Supreme Law the Constitution and not attempting to violate each and every Bill of Right guarantee to Unalienable Rights that are to be protected by the public servants that now seem to want to be the masters over We the People. For these and many more acts and reasons it is no wonder that thousands of Ron Paul Meetup groups with Hundreds of thousands of supporters have filled the internet with millions of pages of support for him and a Revolution to restore the Republic is taking place over all the Nation. In spite of the controlled corporate "news" media attempt to deny the Ron Paul message from being heard that is still getting through to many informed and waking up the People from there apathy or indifference about who we choose to lead the Nation.


  • Richard Hurst

    I think you left out the best candidate out there, Mike Huckabee. He has the most common sense of any of them, he has new and fresh ideas and an agenda that are in favor of the middle class, he is not a Washington D. C. insider, therfore he has not been influenced by the special interest groups and is not controled by a political party, infact , the republican party doesn’t like him. I am afraid he won’t win the nomination, but right now he is a candidate and you should show him that respect.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I would have included Huckabee if it appeared he had a chance of winning the nomination. I almost didn’t include Hillary after Obama’s routing last weekend, but there’s still a chance for her. Honestly, though, Huckabee perhaps would be a good VP nominee to help bring back those “real conservatives” that are throwing fits about McCain right now.


    • James Clayton

      I agree!!!  Everyone is talking about McCain but the truth is McCain would not have been the leader if  the race had just been between McCain & Huckabee.

    • Guest

      i have such high respect for him.

  • http://jfreire.com Jose A. Freire

    Barack Obama, he has not very cleared the patriotic feeling, because the security of this country is not to the left it is to the right when needed like now.

    Also the illegal inmigration right now, is blamed to the insensitive Goverments to superpose the political aspirations to the security of nation and creating terrible problems of all kinds internally.

    J,A. Freire

  • Guest

    In 2004, the total number of people in the US military was 2.4 million. There are over 12 million foreign nationals in the United States today, a force over six (6) times the size of the entire US military.

    I am from a smaller Wisconsin town.  We have had two people murdered by Illegal Aliens within the last year in our area and not only do Clinton, Obama, and McCain all support keeping the aliens here, they all want to bring in more.
    When will government take a stand against the invasion? How many more must die?

    Or, is it that they realize, because this force is six (6) times greater than our military, that the war is already over and we have lost?


    • Guest

      Yes. I am sure american people never murdered anyone in Winsconsin. Or perhaps the aliens where being persecuted by racists.. who knows.

      I vote that we make you leave the country for being ignorant and racist. You should be on your knees thanking god that someone IS willing to join the military and defend the Winsconsin ground you walk on… retard!


    • James Clayton

      If the strongest country in the world cannot keep mexicans from crossing our boarder it for a reason,  The USA has aborted an entire generation that should be funding our social security.  As this generation has been killed, the US must let a easily controled group, such as uneducated poor mexicans, start to prop up our S.S. (pay into)   I have also heard this as well:  Our country is a 9 to 10 in todays world economy and to fit into the average of the world (about a 5) we the USA must be dumded down to fit in.  When the one world economy is put into place.

  • Guest

    All of them are members of the Council on Foreign Relations so what difference does it make? You will end up with a dictatorship in the end.

    • James Clayton

      Your correct.  The dems will play a role of a lefty and the Rep. will play a role of a righty.  But bottom line they are just puppets.  I’m just about sick of it all.  I wonder how much longer the country will last. 

    • Bill Young

      I have the CFR annual report and all aren’t members although many have the support of the CFR..  Why don’t you call the CFR and ask for the annual report – it’s free.  phone 212-434=9400.  No matter who get elected they always make appointments from the CFR members.   Ron Paul is the only candidate not supported by the CFR, thats why the news media smear him and give him no coverage.

    • Allen

      There is a candidate that is NOT a CFR member!

      Ron Paul 2008!


  • J. Gravelle

    The first specific return on a Google search for:

       best candidate for president

    returns an article on:

       Al Gore

    Artificial "intelligence" is many, many years away…



  • Guest

    Mike Huckabee… is the ONLY candidate, that stands for something worth dying for and doesnt waffle on the issues. http://www.mikehuckabee.com


    • Guest

      What about Ron Paul? Go do your research, Mike Huckabee deals with small time issues (although I do respect that he is pro life).

  • Guest

    There are 5 candiates still in the running for the presidential race.

    On the democratic side, there is Obama & Hillary.

    On the republican side, there is John, Mike & Ron.

    I have subscribed to this publication for years, but your blantant failure to mention all of the candiates, shows that you are obviously biased to just a few. Therefore I am now opting off this list.

    I’ll make sure that I mention the reason why. Thanks for your "dis-service" to this community.

    Don’t quit your day job!

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I understand that there are other candidates in the race, but if we’re talking strict delegates, these three are the defacto frontrunners. The others will make fine VP candidates.

      Ron Paul, the passionate libertarian the Internet really loves that has been grabbing all kinds of money in donations, has grabbed, what, 4-6% at most in the primaries so far. I like Ron, he’s a fireball.

      Huckabee’s a nice guy I have no qualms with as a preacher…as president, I might have bigger problems with him, which will start a much bigger fight here…but again, he doesn’t have the delegates. Mitt bailed, Mike’s staying in it to show he’s not a quitter. Bravo, but the cause is lost.

      I also completely understand if you feel your choices for president are poor. I’ve felt that way for the past 5 elections and I can honestly say I feel better about the choices this time, so that’s nice for me.

      But saying I should include everybody running at this point — not when it was everybody’s game in January — is unrealistic and a not a great use of space. Hillary barely made it in after last weekend’s primary.


  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    If half of this is true the elections will not matter!


  • Rick Theile

    I don’t see Ron Paul’s name on the list. He still is a candidate. Google did interview him.

  • Guest

    If You Think His Man Stands For Change , Then Think Again. With Ted Kennedy Standing By, "Calling Him His Kind Of Man" Get Ready For A Ted Kennedy Look Alike That Will Also Be Used By Ted Kennedy To Get Out Of His Next Manslaughter Charge, Of Maybe Your Daughter, This Time Around.

    I’m Sorry But Anyone Who Would Vote For Obama Because Ted Kennedy Says He Thinks They Should, Needs Their Head’s Examined. To Me Obama Should Be Ashamed Of Himself For Letting That Creep Anywhere Near Him. If Obama Were Truly For Change, That’s The Last Person On Earth That He Would Use To Share His Views.

  • An American Voice

    Your oversight in leaving contenders for the position out of your coverage is inexcusable.

    I am wholeheartedly bewildered by the world I am now realizing exists. It makes me so,… something.

    I have watched as 1 by 1 the news media outlets of my country have directly influenced the race for presidency of the most powerful nation on the planet by refusing to include coverage of all the members in the race.

    You do not understand the depth of my dissapointment. If I could press a button and delete from existance Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Every other news media outlet misrepresenting the race for president, and now your news outlet, I would press that button. On Princaple.

    If you knowingly leave out coverage of a candidate you are guilty of treason to our diplomatic process. If you ignorantly misrepresent or leave out coverage of a candidate for president you are unworthy to represent the news to society.

    This is not a forgive and forget issue like most people in our society are conditioned to accept. Through the deliberate act of misrepresenting the actual race for the presidency you are complicit in the effort to corral the entire population of America in its own enslavement to the state.  You probably do not understand and would brush me off because you are ignorant of your history.

    These patterns are writing on the historical wall if you will read it. Adolf Hitler used some of the same tactics to win his election to Chancelor.

    I ask you to resign from writing political news reviews and coverage or shape the heck up and get it right.



    • Laura

      I could’n have said it any better.


  • Guest

    Ron Paul confronts all the issues but yet the mainstream media won’t give him the time of day, and it’s very sad. He is just what our country needs to begin to truly prosper again, and only a few know his name. The gentleman a few comments up summed up his beliefs and record, and does a good job of it.



  • http://www.ronpaul2008.com nate

    I think you forgot 2 candidates, one of which you mentioned at the end who owns the Internet.  Ron Paul has a huge tech base which has an abundance of blogs, YouTube posters, Facebook, MySpace and money raising sites.  If you are going to do an article like this you are really doing the readers a disservice by not pointing this out.  Ron Paul raised more than any other Republican candidate in the 4th Quarter with almost zero media coverage which means his Internet presence and fervent supporters raised almost 20 million dollars on the Internet.  Ron Paul also put up some of the biggest single day fundraisers in history all through viral email and grassroots websites that had no guideance from the campaign.  You would think this would have been the subject of this article and less focus on the candidates that are still clueless when it comes to this medium of the Internet. 



  • http://www.hotelbookingpro.com Andrew at HotelBookingPro.com

    I am quite surprise Google was interested in politics. It was always that in I.T always remains neutral to all…And I like Google more than other search engines because it seems to use artificial intellingence concept of searching it’s database.

    Anyway regarding assasination of political figures. It seems to be a natural process of executing those powerful figures that corrupts society.

    While I may not fully supports communism but in socialism , America should consider executing the cause of corruption rather than the effects that is the man on the streets. If we were to take out the leader of corruption the rest of the street crimes would be reduced.

    It’s better to execute one person rather than the mass public. :D

    And my quote is "When Law Is Unjust, War Breaks Out And Justice Prevails

    While Stupid People Dies First " LOL I hope I am not the stupid one to die first

  • Guest

    it is just a wonder how the people can take of a President who refuses to swear on the Bible, but on Koran? how could they forget that?

    • Jason Lee Miller

      my understanding is that was part of a smear campaign. Obama has denied that pretty vehemently and says he took his oath on his family bible and has been going to the same church for hte past 20 years

      • Guest

        by family bible you could mean their muslim bible. remember when he swore into office as senator? no matter what he claim he is now, no one can easily pull out one’s roots, the same mentality, all he waits is his chance to be the leader and america is off.

      • James

        As the nut does not fall far from the tree I would love to know if Obama’s mom & dad are muslim.  I know that Obama’s church is as watered down believeing in almost  everything or nothing, which would be a perfect place for a former muslim to hide.  I want to know as there are no good muslims and I’ll explain why.  When 300 children are killed in a Russian school and mentally delayed females are given bombs without their knowledge and then blown up killing many.  When muslim parents are killing their children because they have become to westernised.   Where are the good muslims protesting in the streets against these bad muslims.   The so called good muslim says nothing they are either afriad to talk or are to meek to talk.  Either way when the bad muslims take over those muslims  that are meek or afriad will fall in with the bad muslims, therefore there are no good muslims.  I for one wants to know if Obama has muslim ties.  I wonder why we let this weed grow in our garden.  England has already been invaded  as our North Carolina.  Muslims do not play well with other relgions.  They say they are peacefull, which they are if you converts to muslim.  but no I cannot even say that any more as they even blow up muslims.  I want nothing to do with Obama if he leans muslim.   Oh, don’t come kill me as you will only be proving my point.  I would love to know where the ACLU is when N. Carolina muslims call prayers out on loud speakers several times a day.  Could you imagen a Christian church in any town yelling out on loud speakers Jesus is the one true God.  The ACLU would slap the church with a court order within 24 hours.  Sorry to be so long winded but I just hate to see our country slowly destroyed.


        • Jason Lee Miller

          Muslim hatred (or as it is also known: fear) is one thing that will hold him back in this country, and that’s unfortunate. From what I’ve read and heard him say, his father is Muslim, and he is Christian. So that should help you out some. But think of it this way: Maybe his familial Muslim ties will help in relations with the MidEast…that could be positive. Hating him because he might even “lean” Muslim to me is like hating him b/c he’s black or some other surface measure of a man.

          • Guest

            he would CLAIM anything he should in order to get that position.

    • cj




      You have been swindled, my friend, or you are a swindeler…  (Hillary campain or extreme Right wing Republican?)

      We do have a Muslim in Congress, but that is in the House, not the Senate that was sworn in on the Koran.  But Barack Obama is in the Senate, DIFFERENT PERSON.  Not all black people are the same person.  Not sure you knew that.  He is a Christian.   There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, but he is not one.  99% of Muslims are peace abiding folks, just as 99% of Christians are.  There are extremists in all religions, you prove that.  I’m sure that not all people of YOUR race and religion are closed-minded and prejudice.


  • http://www.washingtonforpresident.us Lanakila Washington


    I want to let you know that other sources of media have not been looking hard enough when it comes to the 2008 presidential candidates. 

    Google keeps a good track record on Lanakila Washington. Please google his name and you will see that this presidential candidate should be included in main stream media!


    Washington Victory Team.


  • Sam Maurer

    I wonder what people in the rest of the world thinks about America and the ongoing election?

    Americans claim to be the most powerful Nation on the Planet. The question is: What is the definition of Power? If the answer is aggression, or total control by Corporations, America would definitely qualify.

    In my opinion Power would be better defined by good example of a Democracy, (ex. Switzerland), reality is, Americas Constitution has being violated to the extend that it is virtually non existing.

    Now, is it the media misinforming the people, or the ignorance of Americans, that they are not aware of the only chance they have to save the Country from anarchy. Ron Paul is the only one who could accomplish that. He may not be perfect, no one is, but definitely the most believable. Power to the people is the best solution, not only for America, but for the rest of the world.

    P.S. I would have expected Google would represent the people, why?, no people, no Google.

    • James Clayton

      I have lived long enouch to see a pattern regarding our lib. media.   Every time  a rep.  pres. is in office and it’s election time our press starts screaming how bad the economy is and how everyone has loss their jobs.  Our economy  is only as good as we think it is.  But our media knows if they help turn our economy south in the minds of the voters, it will benefit the dems.  I used to think how bad the Russians had it , never being told the truth.  Now I think we are all in the same pot of lies. 

  • Me

    Google said: "America’s most popular search engine is bound to have a large role in determining who will be the world’s most powerful person."

    Oh please, give me a break.  Could you be more pompus?  Everybody knows that Yahoo is the portal to the political world.  The political headlines are spread across the splash page every day.  Who needs to search Google when you’ve got the portal to the WORLD, and yes, it does political searches just as well as Google.

    Also, could you be more biased?  You wrap a JFK flag around Barack, you give a pass to Hillary, you completely ignore three candidates (Garvey, Huckabee, and Paul), and to top it all off, you bash our President (some people have no respect).  Hey, I may not agree with the President, but I don’t take cheap shots either.  Since you took the shot, I guess I’ll just point out that the only difference between your understanding of foreign policy and the President’s is your world view.  He sees the bigger picture, you see the smaller one.  You’ll notice I’m making any judgments, just stating the facts.  I’ll let each individual, educated or not, decide which is the right view.

    For once I’d like to see objective reporting, not political commentary coming from what’s supposed to be an unbiased news source. 

    Hmm, why is it that when I do a Google search for:  "Liberal pinko commie Google" it shows up with articles about RIGHT WING NUT JOBs and RAPE IN AND BY THE US MILITARY. 

    Funny, but when I do the exact same search using Yahoo, I get related articles titled PINKO COMMIE FEMINAZI MOMMY and DAMN HIPPEE LIBERAL TREES / BUSHCO WANTS YOU TO KNOW: CARING ABOUT THE…

    Coincidence, I think not.  How about being a little more objective next time.  At least try to return relevent results, not libral propaganda.

    Regarding this election, it looks like we’re going to have a Senator for a President.  That hasn’t happened in 30+ years and historically, Senators make lousy Presidents.  Senators don’t lead, make decisions, or manage on a day-to-day basis like Govenors do.  This President’s term will be a lame-duck term regardless of who’s elected.  If a Democrat wins, the right-wing won’t let them get anything done.  If a Republican wins, the left-wing won’t let them get anything done.  Why, because we need leadership, but unfortunately there’s no candidate available!

  • Jason Lee Miller

    I agree, just on the internet alone, ron paul seems like a shoe-in…until you get to the real world where the real primaries are where people are actually voting and he pulls something like 4%, 6% most.

    I rest my case.

    If he were a contender, I’d have covered him, and see my comments below to see how I feel about the guy himself

  • MIB

    Of course, whether it works depends on your goals.

    If you want to destroy the science and tech professions in the USA, the H-1B program works.

    If you want to drive down compensation for science & tech workers, the H-1B program works.

    If you want to transfer knowledge out of the USA, the H-1b program works.

    If you want to discourage students from studying science and tech, the H-1B program works.

    Of course, if you want to reward bright, industrious US citizens, provide a fulfilling career, and increase US citizens’ interest in science and tech professions, and reward their creativity, the H-1B program certainly does not work.

  • Kernel

    Dynamics change when coupling "Obama" with some other terms.  Try "Obama" and "PACs" and one discovers (shock!  surprise! horror!) that despite protestations to the contrary, the majority of Obama’s campaign contributions come from special interest groups and lobbyists.  Hmm…I guess Obama doesn’t consider trial lawyers, unions, telcos, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. etc. special interests.   Trial lawyers (you know, those honest hard working folks who bring us all those important class action lawsuits) have kicked in 1.8 million so far for 2008.

    The beauty of the ‘net and Google search is that all is in plain view for those who care to look and ultimately accept the truth.   The key is pairing.

    My concern as a guy who makes his living on Web based applications is that the Socialists are in the pocket of the Unions, telcos, and the censorship crowd.  If they win the White House, expect lots of lawsuits about how the ‘net is taking away jobs and forget about open access on mobile devices for at least the next 20 years.

    Careful what you wish for.

    PS – Wonder why Al Gore is so big on carbon credits?  Well, he is on the board of VC firm Kleiner Perkins which has invested heavily in carbon credits but I’m sure Al wants to save the planet and doesn’t care about all those options and warrants he’s holding.

    PPS – I’m a genius.  If the Democrats win, I will renounce my US citizenship, get a fake ID in every sanctuary city, file for welfare, and stop paying taxes for the next 4 years.  Then I’ll apply for citizenship under the amnesty program (remember, no prosecution for tax fraud or identity theft) and settle my tax bill for $5K!  Forget everything I said earlier GO OBAMA!! Yippee!!  Taxes and laws are for suckers.

  • Jen

    …And yes, my subject line is a slam against the idiot in office. While there is no doubt that Web searches will influence some voters, we should know by the Howard Dean campaign that popularity on the net does not equate votes. It is terrible how Clinton is slammed for, quite basically, just being a woman. And that is precisely why I do not want to see her win the primaries. This country’s sexism is showing far too much these days. I think we are long overdue for a woman president, but thanks to King George, we have been sent back to the middle ages. If people want to attack her, there is plenty of fodder without having to resort to low blows. Just mention how bought and paid for she is by K-Street and Grover Norquist’s crowd. The very same thing that gave her husband his “moderate” appeal. And, I am not referring to campaign contributions. I am speaking of the lobbyist dollars she has accepted as a senator.

    It is expected that candidates raise large amounts of money from PACs during an election cycle in order to win. It would be nice to have publicly financed elections, but guess which party opposes that time and again? If you said Democrats, you are wrong. About the only thing that Sen. McCain has remained true to (other than his blind-sighted commitment to a drug-war defending our oil addiction) is campaign finance reform. Sadly, the best candidate for the presidency dropped out before the race began, and that is Sen. Russ Feingold (who, by the way, voted against going into Iraq in the first place). At least he was smart enough to see that to the largest fund raiser go the spoils. McCain will lose precisely because of this, but somehow, he has cleared the field of his foes. Why Romney, Paul and Huckabee are staying in is about as easy to comprehend as why Dennis Kucinich throws his hat in to the ring every election cycle. And this just burns the Republicans. They see a party that is wasting money in the primaries the way the Democrats usually do. And to rub salt in the wound, the guy they see as too liberal and free-thinking in their party (aka too old), is the guy who is out in front.

    As for Obama, there will be the expected attacks on his name, which is both racist and so childish. Is that enough to lose him an election? Could be, since windsurfing did John Kerry in. So who will be the spoiler? My prediction is beloved Ron Paul, uber-libertarian will take votes away from McCain in the general election since it seems likely he will run no matter what. The sad thing is, that despite what the elite crowd of uber-geeks think, it is far too late for libertarianism in this country. Why? Thanks to chimp boy in the oval office, we now have far too big a mess for a micro-government to deal with. So much for the chance of a third party.

  • http://www.yimplex.com YimPlex

    Today is the day after tomorrow.Obama is the one of American
    Negro.Something ‘ll be change in the future if he is answer.

  • http://stewartmedia.biz SEO

    The biggest Internet political phenomena in history and you ignore it???

    I’d love to know why Jason is ignoring Ron Paul

    He has broken all single day fundraising records…. twice.
    He was the largest GOP fundraiser in Q407
    He has 3 times as many Google searches of any candidate.
    There are over 112,000 videos about Ron Paul on Youtube.
    McCain has less than 7000
    Ever tried to upload to Youtube? You have to be dedicated.
    Meetup groups
    97,214 Ron Paul Supporters in 1,602 Meetups from 1,185 Cities
    …and 10,119 more waiting to hear when a a new one starts. I belong to the Melbourne Australia Ron Paul Meetup group. There are about 40 members.
    Barack Obama has 5300 members in 92 Groups.
    John McCain has None!!!!!!!!
    The Ron Paul story is a massive one. This sort of organisation of grassroots using the Internet is unprecedented. Supporters are challenging vote counts in many of the states. You may have seen the doco recently called "Hacking Democracy" Bev from that film is leading the charge on the recount front.
    His supporters funded a Ron Paul Blimp to fly up and down the East Coast.
    Yet 4 days before Super Tues CNN did not show or mention him in any of the headlines. Much the same way as you did today. Many talk shows have also excluded him from their reporting.
    WHat are you scared of Jason?



    • Jason Lee Miller

      As mentioned by others, I’m part of a vast media conspiracy to spin election coverage in a certain direction.

      Actually, I did mention Ron Paul, at the end, in jest because I’m aware of his Internet popularity. Unfortunately for him and his supporters, that popularity has not translated to actual primary votes or actual party delegates.

      As also said earlier, I like Ron Paul b/c of his libertarian leanings and his fiery rhetoric…but I think to a good portion of the country he comes off as the wrong kind of crazy (McCain’s brand of crazy being the right kind, I suppose).

      I chose three candidates, not two, even though I’m fairly certain Hillary’s toast, because there are three candidates. that have a shot at the nomination still.

      As for what I’m afraid of: bears, hurricanes, centipedes, and people confusing Internet reality with actual reality.

      Stay warm; it’s freezing here in central KY.

  • Guest


    The article was humorous until I read the end and realized it was over before it was finished. To your credit you did at least leave us with a hint of the real truth…

    “Therefore, the overall Internet winner for the US Presidential Election of 2008 is

    • Jason Lee Miller

      With all due respect, faithful reader (and thank you for reading), but a retraction is necessary when something false or incorrect is printed (inadvertently or not) and the truth needs to be clarified. On the web, we have the priviledge of not only writing an article update, but also to update the old article itself with complete transparency.

      However, in this case an editorial decision was made to cover the three candidates that still have a shot for their party’s nomination, and not the ones who don’t. I don’t know Ron Paul’s chances for success among the Independent voters, but for the Republican party, he’s finished, unless he gets a VP nod. That being an editorial decision and not a misprint, no retraction is needed unless you also feel that my preference for, say, navy-blue sweatshirts or White Sox ballcaps should also be retracted. I do apologize, though, for not meeting your standards.

      But another thing I’d like to make clear: WebProNews has not ignored Ron Paul, not in the slightest. We covered him pretty heavily, especially as an Internet phenomenon, over the past year. When he ceased being a viable candidate by not grabbing near enough delegates in the primary, he ceased being relevant in the larger race. But I did give him the mention at the end b/c I know not only how popular he is online, but also how vehement his supporters are. And like I’ve said half a dozen times in this comment thread, I dig the guy: he’s a libertarian fireball, hrrrah!

      But just so it’s clear that we haven’t ignored Ron Paul, do a search for his name on the site and you’ll see page after page of coverage, which might meet what you define (read: not as we have defined it) as our responsibility to inform. I’ll save you some trouble by posting a few of the links here:












      • http://stewartmedia.biz SEO

        Hey kudos to you Jason, You are big man. Sorry I missed the earlier articles. I would point out though there is a difference between bound and unbound delegates. For McCain to be assured of the nomination he has to win about 70% of the remaining vote. So there is still hope for RP fans. That is absolutely massive.

        If in the first round of voting at the national convention he does not receive 51% of the vote all bets are off and all delegates are unbound and can vote for whomever they like. Some states have not even selected delegates yet. Guess which grassroots movement is out there trying to get delegate seats :-)

        The great thing about the net is we don’t just have to read CNN or Faux news headlines regurgitated. With a bit of research it is amazing what you can find out ;-) Just because they tell us it is over doesn’t make it so.

        Not to mention the freedom march planned on the Nations capital will be a huge boost. Luvyawork

      • Faithful Reader

        One might think my faith wasn

  • whatdoiknow

    Mitt is a straight shooter, in my oppinion, I don’t care if he is a mormon….

    Mc Cayne means well, but do we need war for another 100 years, I thought we wanted change…Hillary? God I hope not! Did anyone r ead the book by "Barbara Olsen" called the Final days, telling about the last and desperate abuses by the Clintin White House? Besides we would have both of them as president, as Hillary said, he would work part time…sure..

    BC. California.






  • Gary

    Why is the Obama video still posted, but the other 2 are "no longer availible"??

    • Jason Lee Miller

      as far as i can tell, all are still working fine


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