What Caught My Eye in RSS

    July 5, 2005

As I slowly make my way through the 10,000+ unread RSS feeds that have accumulated in my Bloglines account over the past month a number os posts have caught my attention which I thought I’d highlight here. Some of them have been mentioned by my guest bloggers but there’s no harm in doubling up…

– Jensense announced New Horizonal Ad Links ad units added for AdSense publishers – my initial reaction is that it’s always nice to have more options, but that they seem a little ugly on first look. I’ll have to have a think about where they could be useful on my blogs.

– Jen also did two interesting posts on Yahoo’s contextual advertising system which is under testing. In one post she compared the relevancy of Yahoo’s ads and Googles and in the other post she noticed the length of descriptions that advertisers get on the Yahoo system.

– Typepad have been rolling out changes including comment moderation, new themes and the ability to ad ads to their blog to help cover their subscription fees.

– Tris (and many others) talked about the move from Apple which could take podcasting to the next level – adding built in support for podcasting in iTunes. I have to say that when I heard this whilst away I couldn’t wait to get home to play with it with my newly acquired iPod.

– Microsoft are recruiting bloggers on a variety of topics including fashion, food, style, music, sports, technology and television.

– There is an interesting post over at The Watchmaker Project about the emerging 9Rules network.

– Whilst we’re on the topic – the redesigned 9Rules Network (they do redesigns more than I post!) opened itself up for a second round of proposals to join it’s network. It’ll be interesting to see who joins in the next batch.

– The Blog Herald has a great list of Blog Networks.

– Mick Stanic points to a good article on Australian Business Blogging in the SMH.

BlogKits went on Hiatus as Jim Kukrai has taken over at ReveNews.

– Joel Comm has released an updated version of his e-book – (http://hop.clickbank.net/?oziii/jcomm) Google Adsense Secrets (affiliate link) which is now something like double the size with loads more information. See my review of the 1st edition here.

– Andy has a good audio interview with Blog Herald and Weblog Empire owner Duncan Riley.

– Brad at WebJunkie writes a good post on Selling a Website out of his experience of recently selling Blog Catalog. It’s a good read that would be valuable next time you’re in the position to sell up.

– Define Blog posts some tips on How to me more Productive in your blogging. I’ll second the idea of using away’ on your IM. But I’m not sure about not having food handy – fruit and nut chocolate is my secret blogging weapon!

Ok – that’s just some of what caught my eye. What else did I miss?

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