What are the Characteristics of a Professional Website?

    August 23, 2004

While we browse on internet, we find millions of websites.

But, all of them are not designed well. This article shows you, what are the minimum requirements for a professional website.

If you have a website but it does not make any sales, there is no use of it. The following are very important and minimum requirements of a professional website.

1. Size of the home page: The size of your home page should be as small as possible.

2. Content: The content of your site is very important for the search engines as well as for visitors. Try to add valid texts with good writing.

3. Keywords: Keywords are play a vital role in the Search Engine Optimization of your site. Therefore, please update your site’s title and description with matching keywords.

4. Images: Minimize the number and size of the images on Your site. It will reduce the time to open your site.

5. Navigation: Divide your business at least four major Section and put that four links at the top of your site as a main roof menu bar for navigate easily. Also put these major section links at the footer.

6. Site Map: Your site must have a link namely Site Map’. It makes very easy to find all your business offers by the common visitor.

7. FAQ: Your site must have a link namely FAQ’. It makes very easy to clear visitors doubts about Your business offers, products and services.

8. About Us: Your site must have a link namely ABOUT US’. It ensures visitors to buy products from your site with more surety. Because you are explaining about yourself and about your business subjects in real words. Just add your photo will be highly influenced.

9. Contact Us: Your site must have a link namely CONTACT US’.It makes visitors to trust you better. Because, you are informing your real contact address and telephone numbers to touch with them.

10.Terms of use: Your site must have a link namely TERMS OF USE’. It avoids spamming of your website. Also it increases credit for your professional site.

11.Privacy policy: Your site must have a link namely PRIVACY POLICY’. It make sure the visitors can subscribe your newsletter, articles, etc.. with the privacy of their private e-mails.

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