Weird Elevators, Syndispheres, & Keynotes

    December 15, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Doc Searls wrapped up his Syndicate Conference in a keynote that discussed the Live Web of content, and some strange elevators in New York’s Marriott Times Square property. Only in California.

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WebProNews publisher Rich Ord sent along notes from Doc Searls’ closing keynote at the Syndicate Conference, and the notes opened with Searls’ observations about the hotel elevators at the Marriott in New York, the site of the last Syndicate Conference.

He noted the elevators at that hotel have no controls inside. “You don’t see what the deal is with this hotel unless you park here. Open the garage door and you’re in your hall.” (The reason for that is you key in your destination, the system tells you which elevator to take, and it takes you to the floor. Very cool. – David)

Searls tied that into syndication by noting how the Live Web is about time, specifically by getting people to the content they want when they want it. He calls this concept the Syndisphere. “Internal publishers create finished works. This is good but it is not the only thing anymore.”

“Think of blogging and syndication and mix/mash as rolling snowballs. You roll out an idea and others add to it and an interesting thing happens … it’s not yours anymore. It has got to be about more than yourself or your company.

“On the Live Web, production matters more than consumption. People are producing and that matters more than consumption. The challenge for producers is to work with other producers. The value chain is turning into the value constellation. Not the value solar system… No one big sun … it’s like everybody gets to be a star here.”

Those stars have organization. Searls pointed out how blogs are typically formatted, by the domain name, then year, month, day, and post identifier. “The Live Web is chronological. It’s about time and about authors… it is human.”

The blood through that human body won’t carry advertising as most have come to know it, pre-contextual online advertising. Searls thinks the Live Web “promises the Holy Grail of advertising – demand for it.”

He then linked that concept to the Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI). To Searls, XRI is to the “dataweb” as HTTP is to the static “fileweb.”

Searls sees a lot of promise for XRI:

– a world of living data
– 100 % click-through advertising
– rich tags
– meaningful credit for work
– independence driven copyright
– voluntary good relationships
– no brute coercion
– security not from the middle ages

“The Live Web isn’t a fork, it’s more of a branch. It’s still the same tree, and growing from the same trunk. Think of the Live Web as one big Declaration of Independence,” said Searls.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.