Wedding Proposal Via Search

    October 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Smart Answers had a question for Barry Schwartz’s girlfriend, and she has answered “Yes.”

RustyBrick and Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz worked with the Ask Jeeves team to develop a search-based wedding proposal for his girlfriend. By typing her name into the search engine, Ask’s Smart Answers feature ‘popped the question’.

He posted the details on Search Engine Roundtable:

I proposed via Ask Jeeves. I brought Yisha to my office, ask her to search on her name. While she was doing that I kneeled behind her with the ring and flowers. She typed in her name into Ask Jeeves, full name, and up came a special Smart Answer (thanks to Jim Lanzone and team) with the proposal.

Mr. Schwartz details the work behind the scenes on a site. Not only did the group at, including senior VP of search properties Jim Lanzone, make this possible, they also delivered it in a unique way for search engines today:

They did it without ads on the results page.

The couple have announced a May 28th, 2006 date for the nuptials.

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