WebTrends Partners with WordTracker for WebPosition Gold 3

    August 2, 2004

Web analytics company WebTrends has launched WebPosition Gold 3.0, the first new release of the product in over two years. Version 3.0 integrates WordTracker and WebTrends to help manage all aspects of the search engine optimization process by using one product. “It brings together the leaders in search engine marketing and web analytics to be really the first player that can truly provide marketers with a full online story for their combined paid organic activity,” Coleen Carey, Director of Product Marketing, WebTrends, told WebProNews on Friday.

WebTrends Making Friends With WordTracker...
WebTrends Making Friends With WordTracker…

Back in April, WebTrends, a business solution of NetIQ, purchased WebPosition from FirstPlace Software. The new version offers a “straightforward, redesigned user interface, the integration of three industry leading solutions (WordTracker, WebPosition Gold and WebTrends), increased support for global search engines” and more, Coleen said.

WordTracker, a keyword research solution, has partnered with WebTrends to offer its services to WebPosition Gold 3.0 users. The decision to integrate these services came after research revealed many customers were “using multiple tools, whether it was WebPosition with WebTrends, WebPosition with WordTracker, or some combination of the solutions. We wanted to provide a solution that streamlined and eliminated the need to travel back and fort between the applications. With the introduction of WebPosition Gold 3.0 we are the first player to provide a complete SEO to SEM solution.”

With the new version of WebPosition Gold, Coleen says users have all the tools they need to complete the five step process, which includes:

1. Keyword Research. This is provided through the partnership with WordTracker and WebTrends
2. Building and submitting pages
3. Ranking reports
4. Page optimization
5. Analyzing conversion, revenue and ROI through WebTrends integration

“This partnership is exciting because it brings together the pioneers and current market leaders in search engine optimization, web analytics and keyword research,” said WordTracker President Mike Mindel. “We already have many common customers and this integration is just the beginning in making it easier for organizations to achieve better ROI from search engine marketing and optimization efforts.”

Coleen revealed that out of approximately 2,300 downloads of the beta release, “feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”

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