“Web 2.0” Officially Welcomed Into English Language

    June 10, 2009

Web 2.0 is a pretty big deal, according to the Global Language Monitor.  Indeed, this morning, the term was actually recognized as the millionth word or phrase to enter mainstream English.

It’s hard to say whether the tech community should celebrate or laugh at this development.  On the one hand, the Global Language Monitor claims to track words according to both "depth (number of citations) and breadth (geographic extent of word usage)," which sounds impressive and scientific.

Web 2.0

Plus, we look at the growth of sites like Facebook and Twitter every month, so widespread acceptance of them must be considered a good thing.

On the other hand, people who spend most of their time online seem to have already stopped using the term Web 2.0, with things like Web 3.126 now getting jokingly tossed around.

Then there’s the fact that the first sentence of the Global Language Monitor’s press release isn’t quite right, which takes away from the organization’s credibility.  ("The Global Language Monitor today announced that Web 2.0 has bested Jai Ho, N00b and Slumdog as the 1,000,000th English word or phrase. added to the codex of fourteen hundred-year-old language."  Extra period and missing "the," anyone?)

Anyway, other terms to have recently joined the Global Language Monitor’s list of English words and phrases include cloud computing, carbon neutral, and greenwashing.