VON Organizer Pulver Media At Risk

    March 29, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Influential VoIP advocate and conference organizer Jeff Pulver may have hosted his last VON show, as rumors of the demise of Pulver Media started to spread.

We’ve dropped a note into Pulver’s Twitter account asking for confirmation on what would be disappointing, but perhaps not unexpected, news about his company. Pulver’s travel schedule has him heading to Atlanta and Boston in the coming week.

If the rumor cited at GigaOM proves correct, a withdrawal of funding by a backer caused the situation. Says Om Malik:

According to my sources, earlier this month when the Pulver Media executives were in San Jose, Calif. For the Spring VON, their investors, TICC Capital Group pulled the rug from under Pulver Media, and shut down the company. They also seized control of the bank accounts. As a result many folks saw their checks bounced.

TICC Capital also lamented the financial performance of Pulver Media in an SEC filing earlier in March. “Pulvermedia indicated that it was projecting a sudden and dramatic decline in projected revenues and earnings for the coming year,” the filing said.

We have not heard back from Pulver as of press time.